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    I am sorry to hear that the nodules are increasing and hope that there is some mode of treatment that will be helpful Celia.
    I am feeling okay. I go for a CT scan next week and see the oncologist on the 25th.
    One day at a time with this disease.
    My father-in-law is also struggling with throat cancer. It's so sad to see him suffer with the illness and then treatment, to boot. He is 86yo. Frustrates me that the doctors push such a rigid protocol even with the elderly. Seems everything is based on statistics. Can't say I totally agree with that approach as no 2 people are the same..

    keep enjoying time with your family.
    Fondly, Beaner

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    Happy New Year Celia.
    Just wondering how things are going?

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      Hi!!! Thanks so much for thinking about me and getting in touch. The latest CAT scan showed progression of size and number of the lung nodules. Dr. decided that Tamoxifan and Megace weren't working so he started me on Letrozole so I am really hoping it helps. I feel pretty good physically but mentally the holidays are hard. Because they were so wonderful with my little grand-angel, Chase, I can't help but "going there" even though I don't want to. I know I need to stay in the moment but it gets tough.

      Please let me know how you are doing. Of course I am hoping that you are very well!! Hugs...

      about 1 month ago
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      Still struggling. Havent met a doc who could offer me anything tolerable and, to date, none of them are willing to cooperate with something not too drastic.

      I want to try HBOT again. I had three sessions in a building which made me ill (mold allergy). It did not get a fair chance and now I dont know where to get a prescription.

      I refused a colostomy bag because I want fewer issues, not more.

      One doc offered 'ablation' but could not come up with patients who would tell me it had improved their lives.

      I have troubles trusting doctors. In the past 30 years, I have only found 2 with whom I could deal and trust to not try to hurt me further. One is dead and the other moved across the country.
      I am still looking.

      I wish one of us had better answers for the other.

      Check into you level of hydrochloric acid and do what you can to restore proper levels of gut bacteria.

      Stay in touch, just in case you find a way.

      3 months ago
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    Question: endometrial cancer

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    How are things Celia?
    I saw my gyn/onc .... no treatment as yet. He will continue to follow me closely. My next app't is in 3 months and a CT scan then, also.
    Next week I am having a needle biopsy of my thyroid. There was a nodule found on the CT scan done 9/12.
    Fingers crossed it is benign.

    Best Wishes and hoping today brings you something to smile about.

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      Hi Barb: So glad to hear from you. I know your gyn doesn't want to treat you yet but did the scan stay the same? No increase in growth? I am going to send a prayer up as soon as I finish typing about your pesky thyroid. It is ALWAYS something we have to worry about. My heart is with you. I will be smiling today because I am going to take care of my grand angel, Chase, and so smiles are GUARANTEED. Hugs…..

      5 months ago
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      Celia, the nodule in my chest was surgically removed in June along with a portion of my lower left lobe. The CT scan done in Sept showed no new ones. Hooray.
      I did ask him about hormone therapy for the metastasis and he said that might be an option in time.
      Hate the thoughts of this upcoming needle biopsy. Grrrrr.

      Have fun with your grandbaby. They surely are a joy. I have 4 grandkids but they aren't babies anymore. My son has 2 boys, ages 11 and 14. My daughter has 2 girls, ages 12 and 13.
      Looking forward to sunshine today. The skies have been dreary for the past
      few days.
      Take Care.

      5 months ago