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    Beaner54 asked a questionEndometrial (Uterine) Cancer

    Me again but I wanted to add that I am 5 years out from treatment and have been battling extreme bowel issues for about a year.

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      The mucous will not hurt you....IF it was me I'd make sure my stools were harder by taking Psyllium....the firmer they are the less they will leak out.....Good luck and Cancer S u c K s...

      about 11 hours ago
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      Hi Geekling,
      The doctors could be insane yet I sometimes sense that their hands are tied with all the red tape of medical protocol and the money hungry drug companies. Many MD's have gone into Holistic medicine for that very reason. It doesn't help that doctors each have their own specialty and many times do not communicate with eachother. That leaves us patients as our own advocate. It is tough to gain all the knowledge we need and facilitate our care. I have 5 doctors and I see each one of them at least twice a year. The first 5 minutes of each app't is usually spent bringing them up to speed. Crazy.

      Yes, all 3 of my surgeries were laproscopic.

      I am interested in getting better and appreciate any suggestions.
      Quick question; Do you think that my hyperthyroidism could be causing some of my issues? And, what is your opinion concerning a colostomy? My family thinks that might be the answer ... I did mention it to my colon surgeon. Actually my husband did during my last visit. He is as anxious to end my suffering as I am. The surgeon said it could be an option but it was my decision to make.

      about 3 hours ago
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      Yes, your hyperthyriod affects your digestion and speeds it up into diarrhea. Is your thyriod under control? I'm hypothyriod and I've had trouble finding a doctor that could manage mine. It's like you say about these stupid medical protocols.

      I didn't need to get cancer to have that problem. I already was doing all of the Kegel before this finally hit me full bloom. Sometimes I have spells where I have to do extra Kegel to keep my body waste in my body. And I do wear diapers at times-like 24 hours -whatever.

      Have you tried figuring out if any foods irritate your gastroentestinal tract? You start with white rice and chicken broth- then you add a food---if you have more stomach pain-you don't eat that anymore- you try something else. It often helps to cut out sugar and grease--spices. Avoid caffeine.

      Kegel for anal strength----- you need to squeeze your rear cheeks togeter really hard and hold for a second or too, 10 times, and do this several times a day. Then do several super cheek squeezes, where you hold it as long as possible. It won't happen overnight, but you should see some improvement. Another one is to squeeze your cheeks and then flutter them really quick- in out in out really very quick-----the other 2 aren't as hard to do.

      Mucous won't hurt you--I'm 75 and I've been passing various amounts od mucous for about 50 years. I had a spell where I was very sick, and I plugged a hospital toilet up with sheets of clear mucous---trying to find a friendly diet is the cure that---

      14 minutes ago
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    Beaner54 asked a questionEndometrial (Uterine) Cancer

    In reference to hidden side effects of radiation- I would like to hear reports from uterine and colon cancer survivors.

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