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    Dear Becky, I am Dr. Wang. On behalf of CTI, I am looking for Mandarin-speaking cancer patients for a research survey on cancer experience and responses on treatment. It's a paid survey, both patient and referrer will be compensated for their time. The study will contribute to overall fight against cancer. Thank you very much for your help. Best regards, Dr. Wang.

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    Hi Sophie99, Just a short note to say welcome to WhatNext. I hope you find the information, resources and support helpful. Becky RN OCN

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    Hi, Just wanted to say "hello" and welcome you to WhatNext. I know you'll find that everyone here has plenty of information, support and resources to share with you. Becky RN OCN

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    Hi Deb, So glad you've joined us on WhatNext. I know you will find the 'WhatNexter's' to be a great resource for information and support.

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    WhatNexter's comments and support for one another is inspiring and uplifting and what you share brings me valuable insight and perspective. Just want to say "Thank you"- I'm learning from you and hope I'm a better nurse from reading your posts and questions. Becky

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      Becky, I thank you for being with us and helping the community. Your help as a Nurse will be very valuable and comforting to those who are looking for an "educated" answer.
      So, right back atcha'.

      about 4 years ago