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    BessLauney asked a questionAdrenal Cortical Cancer (Adrenal Cortex Carcinoma)

    I want to put a lovesac about 7-8’ across in my room. How much are they?

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      And I thought I was just old.... but younger than me were confused. Looking this up myself... $1,000.00 for a bean bag chair. They weren't even comfortable when they went around the first time in the 70s.... Now that I'm rapidly approaching 70.... I know I couldn't get out of one especially with the neuropathy in my feet from Chemo... But I loved laughing and thinking about it. When it came to picturing myself..... I couldn't stop laughing... Told husband and we did digress. Thankis for posting this.... chuckle chuckle wink wink

      over 8 years ago
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      Carol..you made me laugh out loud. I didnt think about how hard it would be for me to get out of one. Aaah haaa haa! I think those Papasan ratan chairs would be easier. They look like this:

      over 8 years ago
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      I still think it is SPAM but send me the $8,100-$11,000 it will cost from the company and I'll hire someone to sew it more cheaply out of found plastic packing (everyone who has ever ordered anything bia the post or sold any thing on eBay has more than enough of this plastic popcorn), you can come pick it up or pay extra for shipping (as with the company) and I'll have a lovely year end holiday season or, at least, get my bills paid and you will have your sac. Hey, you could try an afternoon at Mickey D's ball chamber to get an idea. Good wishes to ya...

      over 8 years ago