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    BettyBoopNY asked a questionColorectal (Colon) Cancer

    Mom has stage IV colon cancer, spread to liver. How does everyone feel about alternative medicine?

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      Hi BettyBoopNY,

      You and I seem to be in the same boat. I am 47 and have a 70 yr old mom diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer, which has spread to her liver and ovaries, 7 weeks ago. She started chemo 1 week later and has done 2 rounds. She was supposed to start round three last Tues., but she had too low a platelet count to start. her doctors had to give her a platelet transfusion, then wait for her to build back up. She also has had an allergic reaction to one of the main chemo drugs, I'm not sure which, so her doctors are trying to re-group to decide what to do next.

      I am also very interested in alternative treatment, mainly diet and exercise. I have research the Hippocrates Institute methods, the Gerson therapy methods, as well as other raw foods methods. Some even say that THC from hemp plants can help heal the cancer naturally. Not smoking, but ingesting. I would recommend you contact the organization, www.Beat Cancer.org They are a clearing house for info on alternative methods, that have been scientifically proven to work. They offer this info outside the mainstream medical establishment, which is largely funded by the pharmaceutical companies. They offer free, or by donation, counseling to cancer patients to review ALL their options.

      My challenge has been that my mom is very skeptical of alternative methods. She has not done the research to investigate them, but still believes they are not based on real science. The AMA has done a lot of work to suppress the information and evidence of sincere scientists who have found cures to help people heal their whole systems, not just attack the symptoms! I have the info for her, but not sure my mom will use it. Good luck. I would like to hear how things go with you and your mom. I think we are in a transitional time medically, and the establishment is being challenged in their for profit not patient thinking and system. Keep up the good work!

      almost 10 years ago
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      Memorial Sloan Kettering has an Integrative Medicine unit that has information on proven supplemental therapies, such as Milk Thistle for liver strengthening. While the alternatives may not cure cancer, if they can make your mother more comfortable, then they are of value.

      Of note, based on Integrative Medicine at MSK, I am on Milk Thistle, which restored my liver enzymes to normal for the first time in years. CoQ10 enhanced the effects of my Lipitor, so my blood fats are much improved. The SuperCoriolus PSK maitake mushroom extract is approved as a chemotherapy treatment in Japan, and is commonlygiven in conjunction with 5FU. Here, there is research that shows it may work against colorectal cancers.

      Specifically regarding Milk Thistle: I was advised to start at 150 mg twice a day for the first week; then up it to 300 mg in the morning, 150 mg pm for the second week, and ultimately, 300 mg twice a day. With my counts still a bit high, tho vastly improved, we then added another capsule in the morning. (800 mg/day is the max recommended dosage.) I'll be having more bloodwork done in a couple of weeks.

      I think it's worth a shot. I was certainly skeptical when I was given the Milk Thistle, but I saw results.

      almost 10 years ago
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      My colon cancer spread to my liver also. I had "shaped-beam" radiation. It took a few days, with no sickness and no side effects and the tumors were gone. My cancer seems to come back every 2 years and so I have had it several times. I had the original treatment at the university of Rochester in Rochester NY but there are other places where they can provide this treatment. I currently go to Shands hospital at the Univeristy of Florida in Gainesville.

      almost 10 years ago
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