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    Bhe asked a questionBreast Cancer

    Any association accredited in dubai?

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      Dear Bhe,

      Hi, I'm Aliza, a Breast Cancer patient and the site's unofficial resident Medical Librarian (the MLS following my name stands for Master of Library Science). I answer questions - usually non medical, and refer people to doctors, hospitals, institutions, agencies, books, websites, media, etc, as well as research when requested or required.

      I'm unclear as to how to help you. Are you seeking a treating hospital or an agency where you can talk with people about your breast cancer. I'm more than happy to research either to help you. Please let me know exactly what you want. You can contact me here or you can email me directly by clicking on my name under my photo.

      I know this is a very stressful time. I also know it's very difficult to stay calm because someone just tells you to do so, but try to distract yourself with other things until you have the information you need to take action.

      I hope to hear from you soon so that I can help you.

      Warm wishes,

      over 8 years ago
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    Bhe wrote on TessElizabeth's wall

    Im 41 and feel too young to have a breast cancer- since my father died im the one who support my family we are only 4 siblings, everyone has them one family and everyone has them own problems to take care off..

    I never ask god why people surrounds me always ask help in me when as much i can i do extend my help with them even to my own family.

    Now i have my own problem and no body knows that i have this breast cancer which was diagnose last 2 months. You asking me why i didnt share with family? because from the start they depending on me and on my whole family decision. Now im scared to share with them about my situation because first thing will come to them mouth is what will happen to us?? this is the first question will come out for sure. Whole my life i work and help them i dont know when i need them help they will extend them hand to me???

    Financially im totally broke - i dont have any savings i have income but its enaugh to survie my every day living sometime its become negative also.

    I dont have too much of frend coz i do have bad experience all the times of having frends - coz true frds will not stay with u when problems arise esp with money matters, but with happiness, disco party outing one ring they will be present in your door steps.

    i came to this site just to share what im experiencing and also share things out inside my feelings.

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    Bhe asked a questionBreast Cancer

    Money is my main problem to cure my self :(

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      Apply for snap and Soc sec now, it takes a long time for ssi to get approved. Most docs will work with you but contact Livestrong they can help you get assistance on meds etc. Good luck.

      over 8 years ago
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      You start by contacting the American Cancer Society. They have lots of helpful resources and from what I have been told also has information on how you can get some financial assistance and what is out there to help you. Start with them.

      over 8 years ago
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      thank you for all the answer to my question :) cheers for all :) actually im based in dubai and working here for several years been 8 years im living here the salary i have is just enaugh and lots of debts arround me, adding to this is my new problem about the breast cancer,

      Acually i go for american hospital to do all the test - and the doctors told me that they dont have charity in the hospital and telling me he cannot help me in this matter.

      i dont have medical insurance also

      im about to sell my car but his will feed only the operation after this im back to zero

      here in dubai there is no such charity that could help me out i check in the site alredy them priority is them local people only not the expat

      my consulate told me also better to go back home and treat my self back home only

      if i do that - im still back to zero iam the one who feeding my family and even my mom still in the process of medication for the eyes problem and maintenance of her medication im the one who providing for.

      my relatives? i dont know yet ,the answer - the last conversation i have was when my father died it was 8 years ago, as i recollect the conversation i have with them - what happen to your dad why you didnt bring him

      1. to the best hospital
      2. why you didnt try to do the operation for him - so his life can be extend more

      no daughter will allow to his dad to happen like that which i will not do the best thing for my dad, i spend 2million pessos 8 years ago for his hospitalization and im auntie who is sitting in hawai,usa, 2 in finland told me i havent protected my father that much. well infact that me and my father is a close fren,,,,. each of my auntie give me a 5000 each pesos i got a total of 20,000 pesos as them contribution to the dead of my father. after we buried my father i havent hear them voice since then.

      2 years ago my cousins diagnose for the lung cancer but its easy to cure coz all the medicine is available and no surgery to undergo. i ask help for my 4 auntie in behalf of my cousin lucky that one auntie reply me in hawai but instead of her that wil help ask - she asked her daughter to support us for the treatment of my cousin coz she said that her salary and expenses is tied up that time, so we are still lucky because of my other cousin in hawai he got recover for the illnes,

      now im trying to recollect that after all this years been silent for the past 8 years and i will knock again to them door and asked help can they will listen to me? they wil help me? or they will still have enaugh strengths to say to me why you didnt save money for your illness???

      all wories will comes back again, scared of disappointment, and rejection

      Just wondering why :(

      over 8 years ago
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    Bhe wrote on GregP_WN's wall

    guess easy to diagnose what ever cancer u have and u survive which is good thing, not like me diagnose a breast cancer and its not financially stable which is the worst part - how to cure my self if money is not available? - i was diagnose 2 months ago

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      You will need to search for help with treatment, drugs, transportation or whatever you need help with. We have recently had some discussions on this very topic. Scroll down through the questions and you will see what others have done. Also you can use the search feature on the questions page to filter for "financial help" and you will see lots of information on it. We also have the Resources link at the top right of the page, that has more help on it.

      over 8 years ago