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    I've had 3 "real cancers": melanoma, angiosarcoma, & a Gastrointestinal Stromal tumor.

    And numerous "only".. pretend cancers, sort of cancers, or nice cancers:
    Skin...at least 6 of those, one was burnt off half my nose! The rest left nasty scars
    1 thyroid removal... no problem except I am freezing cold for most of the year
    1 pre-cancer of my parotid gland.. cut the nerves on my jaw & face leaving permanent damage
    1 pre-cancer of uterus, no biggie except for my biggie floppy tummy muscles

    So I guess only "Good cancers" are just a bit of a problem, please feel free to tell your family all about the lasting effects of such!

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    In case you forgot, or didn't know, September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month!

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    bigjan asked a questionThyroid Cancer

    Have you had anyone in your family tell you that your cancer was "ONLY" thyroid, or skin, or several of the types that people almost don't

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      Opinions are like xxxx, everyone has one. Yes it's cruel to put someone suffering from cancer under judgement and condemn them for vocalizing their pain and heartbreak. Comparisons with those whom they deem "worse off" are often meant to shame you into silence and make you question your own perceptions. Your SIL is ignorant as so many cancer patients will tell you nobody can truly understand the impact of having cancer and going through treatment. Still they could consider having compassion. Tell them they can xxxx off.

      24 days ago
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      My, my, my...GregP_WN, geekling, gonewest...such venom...I LOVE IT!

      23 days ago
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      My doctor told me that when he told me I have cancer. He said that if he was to get cancer, he'd choose thyroid cancer because it's not a big deal. My husband proceeded to treat me like I had a cold and figured I was being dramatic. I made the doctor explain to him how dramatically my life would change.
      Fast forward three years to last November when the same Doctor told me that it has metastasized. I made him promise that he'd never ever tell another patient how "easy" Cancer is.

      23 days ago
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    bigjan asked a questionThyroid Cancer

    What rate are you taking in thyroid medicine? I'm up to 150 mg of levothyroxin.

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      I am on 150 now but it seems every time I have blood checked they raise it again.

      about 1 month ago
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      I understand thyroid cancer affects the thyroid, but do other cancers as well? I was put on thyroid medication at about the same time I was diagnosed with lung cancer.

      about 1 month ago
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      I should have said that my cancer is lung ... Opdivo (nivolumab) caused my thyroid to quit working correctly, too.

      about 1 month ago
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