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    bigjan asked a questionThyroid Cancer

    I heard a couple of people talking about a public person, a politician, and one of them said with an angry voice, "I hope he gets cancer"!

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      I think it reflects on our silly society. These days, it is okay to say anything about anybody, especially when you disagree with them. I have taken myself off of FB because I tired of all of the ridiculous comments coming out of people's mouths. I lost lots of respect for lots of people over the last election because of how vile they became. I have seen terrible, terrible comments made, even here on WhatNext. I try to carefully monitor which posts I look at, even here, because I don't want to quit coming here, too.

      Wishing bad things on any person is, in my own opinion, wrong. But, I suspect it was their frustration talking, not a true desire. I hope.

      23 days ago
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      BoiseB, I know, from everything you've posted through some years now, that you are not a mean or vindictive person. I'm not usually mean or vindictive, either - but when I feel threatened, I am not nice (I'm not talking about physical violence but about my wishes for what should happen to the one or group threatening me or other groups). I can't be neutral or nice about, say, serial killers, or powerful people whose actions are dangerous. And I'm not implying that those who don't wish bad things to happen to others are namby-pamby. However, for me, I do hate people who are my enemies, and I do wish them ill before they can do (more) harm.

      I wouldn't have brought up politics here, or implied anything about a certain group of politicians, had not bigjan used the words "a politician."

      23 days ago
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      I wouldn't wish cancer on my worst enemy. Unfortunately, moist of the population will be dealing with it either as the patient or caregiver or both sometime I their life.

      It's a scourge that steals everything from us . at some point people will wake up to this.

      The person who made that remark probably thought such a thing would never happen to him......

      22 days ago
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    Ask anyone with thyroid cancer if they think we got the "good" cancer and I'm sure they will say, Uhh, NO!

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    I know there are other cancers that are referred to as "the good cancer" to get. But it drives me crazy when I hear this. We all know there are NO GOOD CANCERS! Maybe it's because they are trying to make you feel good, like saying well, at least it's not lung cancer or pancreatic cancer. That doesn't make me feel better at all and its insensitive to those with that kind of cancer.

    Have you heard this before for your type of cancer?

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    bigjan asked a questionThyroid Cancer

    Since your diagnosis do you find that when you read an article about the "signs" of your type of cancer that you see you missed them?

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      I knew something was wrong but I had no idea what. I went to doctor after doctor pointing to the tumor and asking that it be removed.

      "It is just a wart or hemorrhoid." each and every doctor from internists to proctolohists to dermatologists to specialty surgeons. "We dont take those off any more." myopic sons of 4 legged females with many nipples. 2 women doctors as well.

      Have a happy pill or see this shrink I recommend who will give you happy pills. More than a dozen refused to keep me as a patient because I was "uncooperative" by not believing that a happy pill would solve my problems. No lexapro nor wellbuterin nor valium thank you. Keep your xanax.

      Meyati once opined that it would have been better and wasted less time to cut the tumor out sans a doctor. I guess I am not all that brave or foolish.

      I had to gain 65 pounds for a doctor to be willing to remove the growing along with the rest of me tumor.

      When the docs screwed up the drugs they were claiming to give me and I wound up with a new disease instead, I had to regain the weight I had lost and then some for the docs to agree to give me a blood test.

      I never did find an allergist who had the slightest clue about the mold allergy.

      Sorries but the signs I missed were signs in the doctors' offices reading "I am incompetent."

      Bah humbug.

      about 1 month ago
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      I find few articles about my cancer. I never knew my cancer existed. I had thought I would get the kind of cancer my neighbors and classmates were getting. Those were Lung cancer, Thyroid Cancer and Breast Cancer.

      about 1 month ago
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      I missed all the signs. Thyroid cancer= slight cough. Feeling like you are swallowing around a marble in your throat. Swelling in the neck - saliva gland area. Tired. (Who isn't tired a lot?) Low grade fever for weeks. I thought this was the "new normal" since I turned 40. I was so shocked to go into a ENT to talk about sinus stuff and getting sent to biopsy within 20 minutes as my "neck was swollen on the right side only" and he didn't like the feel of it. 3 days later, it was positive for papillary cancer and a week later, I had my thyroid out.

      about 1 month ago