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    Bigkev51 asked a questionKidney Cancer

    Doctor won't share evaluation results no notice of need of payment and I have no money... They did all the treatments and won't share result

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      This is disturbing as it seems to go against the hypocratic oath...

      over 9 years ago
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      I am sorry to hear what you are going through in your journey. The cancer diagnosis is a nightmare in itself. Now you have to deal with the financial side effects and all that entails.

      I am lucky that we still have insurance through my wife. However, I had a similar situation after my kidney was removed last summer. I was taking my son for a dr. appointment and the clinic refused to see him until I made a payment. The insurance coverage and medical bills were a nightmare.

      over 9 years ago
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      Hello bigkev51. I am so sorry for what you are going through. As if the medical situation was not enough. I know this is late, in addition to some of the things suggested above, try your state/county medicaid (or equivalent) agency. Since you are in a totally different financial category now, you may qualify for assistance even back to when your status changed. I have no insurance. I was seen at a University hospital. Due to my income, I qualified for financial assistance from their foundation. They paid all off my costs for 1 year (thank God). Since then, they have been accepting a token amount on a monthly basis as lon as I do what I said I would do. What I do know is communication is always the key.

      Do whatever you can, but never give up.

      over 9 years ago
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    Oh No (Health insurance issue): I found out I had cancerous tumor on the left kidney early august 2011. Then they did the surgery to remove the tumor on September 1, 2011. At that point I could not work. I am a self employed construction contractor and could projects. I was turned down for everything we applied for. After losing my phone and apartment I ended up homeless for about 30 days. I had not been in contact with the hospital or Idaho urologic during that time. Eventually I found a temporary place to live and updated my contact information with the hospital and Idaho urologic.

    Then I had my ct scans and blood work checkup set up for 6 months no mention I needed to pay anything yet. Idaho urologic completed the tests, no mention of payments at that point either. I showed up for the results evaluation appointment at the front counter and I was met with a very rude receptionist who informed me per Dr. Joseph Howard Williams orders they would not share my results unless I paid $130 up front for the consultation. It was humiliating and embarrassing this happened in front of a full lobby of people. I had to borrow $10 in gas to even go to the appointment. So now I don't know my results, I don't know if I still have cancer, and don't know where to turn at this point. I need to know my results to know where I go from here... This doesn't seem legal that they can do this... I had no notice or knowledge that they required payment then, after doing so much work before... I need help

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