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    Angelwithhorns come back and share your story with the Angelswithwings (Survivors).

    Most of us have probably walked where you are walking and would be more than glad to hold your hand along the way. We also have fun along the way(laugh).

    Life is great you know I am going on 15 years of trouble free survival (T3N1M0). I did chemo(carboplatin/5fu) 2 - 96 hour infusions, 25 - radiation treatments and then a laparoscopic esophagectomy (05-17-2013) at UPMC. In hospital 5 days, downtown shopping on 8 th day in big city of Pittsburgh.

    Don't know your age or previous health but I was 65 when diagnosed and now 80 and still a healthy and active survivor willing to help you angels.

    A happy Survivorwithwings.

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    Hi Folks

    Welcome to WN I hope that we can help you restore hope in your spirit from the trials and symptoms that we have overcome. I am sure we can help you.

    Let us know how you are doing, do you have any symptoms that we might help you with. We admire and want patience's that seek other EC survivors for help along the way.

    What is your stage, what symptoms did you have.
    You may help someone by telling us about your journey .

    Well let me tell you a little about myself. I am a T3N1MO survivor going on 15 years. I did chemo (5fu/carboplatin), 25 rounds of radiation and MIE at UPMC. We all have been there and done that,
    now it is up to you to draw on the trials and symptoms we have been thru.

    It is your turn now Rosie, we are willing to help at any time.

    From Billy, one gracious survivor to another.


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    Hello Young Lady

    The month of April is proclaimed
    'Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month'
    and its official color is 'Periwinkle'

    Now can you tell us what your problems are maybe we can help you or you can help one of us?

    We need more info from you, like stage, did you do chemo, radiation or have an esophagectomy ?

    I was stage T3N1M0 had chemo, radiation and MIE esophagectomy on May 17, 2003.

    The month of April is proclaimed
    'Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month'
    and its official color is 'Periwinkle'

    From a Survivor

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    Neat over 19 years that in its self gives EC patients hope. Tell us about your journey, I am sure you will lift the up the moral of all on this board.
    I am going on 15 years and doing fine for an 80 year old man.
    I am interested in the bumps along the road that all survivors have maneuvered thru. You are just the survivor that we folks want to hear from.
    Maybe we can help you in some way, are you doing ok?
    What stage were you, did you do chemo and radiation and then an Esophagectomy ( what type of operation did you have)?

    From one survivor to another.

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