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    Hi Young Lady

    Welcome aboard you don't have to answer to anyone you can glean thru the brave souls posting here and hopefully help you along in your diagnoses.

    We are all in this EC-boat so grab an oar and lets paddle together.

    You need to own your diagnose and educate yourself on all phases this is your body and your life.

    - Get a 2nd opinion.

    - Know the stage of your cancer.

    - Keep copies of all Dr. visits and scans.

    - Must seek out reputable surgeon and hospital familiar with EC.

    - What type of esophagectomy will surgeon perform

    I have touched on a few of the things and don't waste time.

    You are talking to a survivor stage T3N1M0, chemo, radiation and a Minimally Invasive Esophagectomy going on 17 years.

    You can do it, there is good life after Esophageal Cancer.

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    Hi Sherrir

    I agree whole heartily with Bart, we must lean on Him daily. He will give us strength for the day .

    Bart is an 18 year survivor and I am a 16 year survivor still trying to catch him.

    Tell us where you are in your journey with EC. We hope we can help you along the way. What is your stage, chemo/radiation and the symptoms you have had along the way .

    We like/try to offer HOPE to our partners in going down the EC trail.

    Open up you will find a lot of Whatnexters experience here that will be willing to help you.

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    Question: Rate of survival

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    Hi Derrick
    Most of us here on WN have been down the road with EC. Give us a little more feedback on your diagnoses, like stage, type chemo and radiation. What kind of symptoms are you having now that we might be able to help you with. We are all individuals and we have all hit bumps along the way maybe we could help smooth some of your bumps along the way.

    I was diagnosed Nov 2002, T3N1M0, did chemo(5FU/CARBOPLATIN), RADIATION and a minimally invasive Esophagectomy at UPMC. I never regretted the path that the Lord lead me thru, He gave wisdom to my Drs. and my wife Loretta. I am 81 years old and a 16 year survivor, the Lord is still in control and taking care of me, and he will do the same for you. Let us know what we can do for you Derrick.

    Your friend Billy22

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    Decision Point (Other): My big decision was to do chemo/radiation and then to have the operation (MIE from my second opinion at UPMC)

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