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    Do you get the feeling of being alone or like life is passing you by since your diagnosis?

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      I understand your feelings. I've not gotten into depression over it, but I have been sort of mad a t the world about it thinking about all of the things that I could be doing that I can't now.

      22 days ago
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      While I was going through treatment I felt my life was on hold but at the same time there was a purpose to what I was going tbrough. Like someone else said, that whole year was something of a blur. Now, two years out from treatment I still struggle to redefine what my life is, trying to reconcile what I went through with lingering debilitating side effects. As Greg said, sometimes I feel mad at the world. I have a punching bag. Highly recommend it!

      15 days ago
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      yrs since diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer, initially given 3-6 months terminal prognosis...fooled them!..no response to any conventional treatment., Had my tumor Genetically Sequenced at Foundation medicine and matched me to effective treatment with checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapy.. currently after 50 Infusions over 5 yrs in complete durable remission NED, I supplement with Vitamin D, calcium, eat healthy and treat myself often, i stay active, started my own business after early retirement, advocate and travel the world for several Biotechnology and Cancer Foundations speaking on Genetics and Immunotherapy, all this just keeps me going..God Bless you all.

      6 days ago
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    I was reading the question about pain meds not working for someone.

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      There's another thing to think about ..... perhaps a pharmacist has a problem and is taking a few from yours, a few from another, etc. I personally know of 2 nurses that would take meds that were issued for a patient. Most patients don't keep that close of a track in the hospital especially if they are very sick. I'd count them at the Pharmacy (inside, not drive through) and see what happens. I pray your Grandson isn't responsible.

      about 1 month ago
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      Lock them up! You can get a small lockbox that will keep most "honest" people out and probably will solve your problem. Anyone with a "problem" is going to just steal the whole box. But, they would also steal your whole bottle and not just try to get a few out of it.

      about 1 month ago
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      Do not store your pain med in the medicine cabinet. Find a safe, secret place. And do not tell anyone where it is. Sorry. This is for everyone's safety. Especially if it is potentially addictive or harmful if taken in a higher than prescribed dose.

      28 days ago
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