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    A purple ribbon for the pancreatic cancer patients.

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    Are you a "cancer sufferer"? Patient, victim, ? What are we?

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      I have always been very particular about semantics. I was adopted as an infant, yet I don't consider myself an adoptee. It was something that happened to me, an action. It doesn't define who I am. I always get offended when people wouldn't refer to my parents as my "real" parents. They are about as real as it gets. So, I have always thought before I've spoken because using words incorrectly can be hurtful.

      Cancer...I was a cancer patient. It described what I was going through, just like the action of adoption that I went through as an infant. I was a cancer patient who was struggling, fighting and I guess suffering, but it again didn't define who I was rather than what I was going through.

      Now, however, I do proudly call myself a cancer survivor because I think we can all agree that what we went through as cancer patients certainly has defined who we are today.

      4 months ago
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      Yes. Whether we want it to or not it has a big impact on us and our lives. Having cancer doesn't define us. It does cause us a lot of issues though while we fight it!

      4 months ago
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      Well I am still a Dad and a Husband but to tell the real truth I am also a dead man walking trying to create as many nice memories among the regular everyday things of life.

      3 months ago
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    BobbyZ asked a questionPancreatic Cancer

    I'm losing my appetite, I couldn't care less if I eat or not, things taste terrible.

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      Root beer used to be made from sassafras until commercial misuse and overuse got it a really bad reputation.

      Used properly, it had a medicinal value to Native Americans who used it against swellings, to speed wound healing, against high fevers and to flavor food. It became a base ingredient for gumbo.

      Maybe wanting root beer was your body, @ SandiA, making some selectively good choices?

      Best wishes.

      5 months ago
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      I had same issue after radiation i lost 62 pounds in first 6 weeks because of your same issues i turn to olive garden yep olive garden the dumpling soup was great tasting and the chicken and dumpling were small enough not to scrape going down which we all know that's hurts also found out MR.GOOD BAR tasted like MR.GOOD BAR my fave use to be peanut butter cups but they tasted different also Campbell soup was fulfilling ,,and then i started feeling better and gain some strength back and energy which made me keeping eating ...you are going to have to EAT something to keep fighting just try little of this and that till you find the right thing being ill is bad adding no fuel to help fight this will not help, so go chow down my friend so you can beat this........still taking a bath by myself biga17133

      5 months ago
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      Hey BobbyZ...Keep trying my friend. My treatments, 24/7 chemo for 5 weeks, and radiation at the same time...all of this caused me to vomit every day! The only thing that kept me from vomiting less frequently, than anything else was a bowl of Cheerios with half a banana on top. To this day 17 years later I am still eating that bowl of Cheerios every morning for breakfast. The other thing that helped me from vomiting less frequently was a bran muffin. I had tried to speak with my oncologist about a diet and what to eat, and what not to eat. He simply said "you will learn soon enough what you can or cannot eat." Well 17 years later I simply eat whatever I want. My best to BobbyZ...Russ

      5 months ago
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