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    It's been a tough 2 days.

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    Anxiety attacks, has anyone had a series of anxiety in their sleep?

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      I am being treated for a cerebellar mass in my brain right now. I just had my last radiation treatment today.
      I'm not having panic attacks from it, but I'm waking up swiftly in the middle of the night and staying sleepless a lot. I'm sure some of it for me is the high dose steroids I was put on.

      I'm guessing that your hormones are just kicking into high gear while they work on that system in your body, and it could get better over time as they either kill your cancer or take big strides against it. Even if it's not your hormones, cancer is a traumatic experience and having panic is surely not unheard of.

      Are you talking to any palliative care doctor about having these attacks? Even your regular oncologist should be told. They might be some meds that would help you quite a bit while you fight this. Its important to get that rest so you can heal and have a decent quality of life.

      12 days ago
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      It could be you are actually dreaming, but you don't remember them. It would be unusual for your subconscious to have a field day trying to process your fear and anxiety. I hope things get better for you.

      12 days ago
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      I experienced panic attacks before my diagnosis. Horrendous dreams and as some say, short of breath, chest and head pounding. Fortunately for me, I was visiting my niece who is an RN for a week or so when I had my first one. She knew what it was right away. I eventually calmed down and went back to bed and I slept. When it happened again the next night she made an appointment for me with her doctor. I was initially put on Xanax 1mg 3xday. I weaned myself back to two after a few months. Now my PC writes the script for 2 x a day but knows I only take it once at bedtime. It was only a month or so ago that I missed taking my bedtime dose and I woke up and was a real mess. Couldn't believe it happened only missing one dose. Now the only time I take 3 a day would be the day every 3 months when I have my MRI's. I'm terribly claustrophobic and take 2 that morning and the additional at bedtime. They used to give me Versed during the MRI'S until they realized I had developed sleep apnea. I wouldn't wish a panic attack on anyone.

      9 days ago
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    I am having a hard thime this week, I am struggling with the "why me" part of this XXX cancer. My life has been stripped down to doctors, treatments, and feeling like crap! I hope you all are doing better than me.

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      I'm sorry you're feeling down, @BobbyZ. I hope tomorrow will be brighter for you.

      3 months ago
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      The rigors of cancer treatment get to all of us. Daily radiation. Chemo and just when you start to feel better, it's time to have more chemo. I hope that you'll feel better soon. Just remember - nothing bad lasts forever.

      3 months ago
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      Sorry it’s rough week. Try to wake each day grateful for another day on our journey. Enjoy small victories

      3 months ago
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    I have found this to be true! I think about happy times, my loved ones, good times we have had together and the plans we have to go places and do things we love. Keep my mind on the good and off of the bad. I think I heard that here first, it works for me!

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      I also try to follow that line of thinking. Sometimes it is what you make it.

      7 months ago