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    It gets really hard at times but the word quit never enters my mind.

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    Question: Radiation fibrosis

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    Chemo brain and memory issues

    6 answers
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      Hubby's memory issues have become bad enough that they bother him so we're going to see a neurologist who specializes in cognitive issues this afternoon. He's also had a stroke and is 67 so how do we know what's from the stroke, normal aging, cancer mets or chemo brain?

      All I can tell you is that he's had problems with short term memory since the stroke in 2004. He now has worsening problems with word and name retrieval. He has trouble with the TV remotes to the point that he's sitting there trying to figure out which button to push.Sometimes he'll get frustrated and toss the remote to me to handle. Yesterday he turned his TV on to watch the soccer game and the tv was on the input for his Roku stick. He couldn't figure out why he was looking at black screen and how to get back to the cable box.

      His long term memory is great. He remembers details of movies that I'm lucky to remember the plot at all. He watches programs about how plastics are ruining the waterways then insists that we recycle anything that has the least bit of plastic in it even if there is no recycling symbol. It causes a lot of arguments and one of these days our recycling isn't going to get picked up.

      @ Boogerman...yes he admits that he has PTSD from his cancer treatment. When he has a scan coming up, he starts getting anxious a good week ahead of time. His appt today will most likely require an MRI on another day but I didn't tell him that or he wouldn't go.

      I've been having some of the same memory problems with word retrieval that he has. I think it's due to stress combined with lack of sleep and tease him that his memory issues are contagious. It causes a lot of frustration when he's trying to tell me something and forgets the word of "the thing" and tries to come up with other words to get there. Sometimes I have to tell him I don't know the thing and when he figures it out to let me know and leave the room. My fuse is getting shorter which doesn't help either one of us. I do see a counselor before anyone says I should.

      13 days ago
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      My chemo brain is still active at over 6 years. I go for aphasia -- hunting for words that I can't find. I'll remember words like aphasia, but I'll struggle over something stupid like "fork". A couple weeks ago I gave up on the word gurney and just used stretcher...

      12 days ago
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      Memory loss may be chemo related Platinum based chemo is most likely to cause balance issues as well as Short term Memory losses I am familiar with Full amnesia and STM from a head injury YEs It did worsen after Chemo for me I am finding that after 2.5 months of CYMBALTA My memory has improved as is my balance. Platinum interferes with the nerve pathways and sends continuous signals that are false to the brain or across Brain to Brain paths in the same way as AN epileptic fit or Super NOVA headaches. the difference is in the sender root and the recipient termination points. treatment is the same if to reduce the strength of the signal Gabapentin seems ineffectual at this however Cymbalta seems to pleasantly reduce these effects .


      7 days ago
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    Are anyone on immunotherapy for lung cancer?

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      We have more on the site, but @LiveWithCancer comes to mind, she has taken a bunch of immunotherapy treatments.

      19 days ago
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      I was diagnosed with Stage IV non small cell lung cancer in June of 2015. I started immunotherapy 18 months ago after discussing it with my Oncologist. Treatments started out twice a month and then changed to a
      double dose once a month for the past 8 months. So far I have had no side effects other than sleeping more than usual on my treatment day. Best treatment my Oncologist ever suggested.

      19 days ago
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      I was diagnosed with Stage iv non small cell lung cancer in March 2019, (this is my second diagnosis, first was 2015 stage ii)

      My oncologist recommended along with chemo immunotherapy. I'm on a platinum drug which causes some side effects so the only consistent side effect I'm feeling is being tired.

      I'm so hopefulfor this drug. My oncologist said I would take it for 16 weeks. Then reevaluate.

      18 days ago
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