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    I am planning to have tramp flap surgery but I am not sure if that is a good decision. Is there anybody who had that surgery and willing to share they experience.

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      I had the tram flap in July and it is one of the most painful experiences that I have ever endured. I was told that it will tak a while for me to adjust. Although, I like my stomach now, but this is not in any way easy and I hope ypu will have a good support system in place and that you research the Physician that will be performing the surgery. GOOD LUCK and I would lone to hear from you after recovery,

      over 6 years ago
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      Hi - there have been a couple of discussions related to this topic. Following are the links, I hope this helps.




      over 6 years ago
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      I had a TRAM flap in July. I did find it harder overall than the bilateral mastectomy. Because I had also had radiation last year, the plastic surgeon felt implants were not an option (and I didn't want that anyway). You might need to talk more to your surgeon about what options are even realistically available to you. TRAM was my only option, but he was able to get by with just taking a small amount of muscle and fascia from my ab area. It can be harder on your recovery if they have to take more tissue. Unfortunately, that they won't know until they're actually doing the surgery.

      Also, I was having reconstruction done about 15 months after my bmx. If you're planning immediate recon, that would be a different factor to consider.

      I had issues with a place where the flap skin was connected to the old radiated skin, because radiation just really messes up your skin's elasticity and ability to heal. That's healing up well now, though. And the microsurgery all seemed to go very well. I didn't have any trouble with the new blood vessel connections, which is the thing I was more worried about. There are things they do while you're in the hospital to keep a close eye on that; you're usually in for about five days.

      I'll have what they call "revisions," probably this summer, to get the shape a little better. The big operation is mainly to get the tissue moved and make sure it stays healthy.

      So it's not a decision to take lightly, but it may be the right choice. Maybe talk to more than one surgeon, and ask them for photos of some of their work.

      about 6 years ago
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    Procedure or Surgery (Double Mastectomy)

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