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    brockm1 asked a questionCancer of Unknown Primary

    My husband was diagnosed with Cancer of Unknown Primary in February.
    He is stage4. What can we expect as the desease progresses?

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      Hi Brockm1,

      Because metastatic cancer can take so many different (and somewhat unpredictable) routes, it is hard to say what to expect. You can probably get a better answer from the oncologist(s) who is familiar with the extent of the metastases, which organs are affected, and how your husband is responding to any treatment he is receiving.

      Best of luck to you both.

      over 9 years ago
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      I am a 64-yr.-old female who was diagnosed with SQUAMOUS CELL CARSIMONA in March 2012. I was never a "sun-worshipper" or smoker. I was told that the mass in the lower-left side of my neck
      was "a secondary site". I was sent to hospital for general anthestic to do multiple biopsies on tissues of my tongue, neck and sinuses. Nothing was found, meaning my Immune System had destroyed the "primary". I was told this is common -- to not be able to locate the primary or initial site of this type cancer.

      I had (for the past 5 years) faithfully taken 12 food and vitamin suppliments. My Oncologist told me to stop the regiment because "it was the fuel that was feeding the cancer" so I did stop 2 weeks before beginning my CHEMO. I am now in my 9th week and into recovery.

      However, it also means that my Immune System was healthy enough to destroy the INITIAL CANCER SITE. So I see this as good and bad. I was told that once my CHEMO / RADIATION is completed (late Sept. 2012) I can resume my vitamin/food suppliments.

      My Oncologist predicted that 1/2 way thru my CHEMO the 6 cm. Lymph Node mass would disappear. It doubled in size between the time I found it and starting Chemo. (a month) meaning it was very agressive. His prediction was accurate...I can no longer find it.

      You are welcome to follow my progress here or on FACEBOOK
      (Elizabeth A. Scott/Florida).

      over 9 years ago
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      What is his treatment plan?

      about 9 years ago
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