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    Hello and welcome, we are sorry for your diagnosis, but we are happy to have you with us. Please feel free to join in the conversations. Here is a link to our cancer dx page, Take a look at it to get you started on some information. You will notice at the left side of that page a listing of most types of cancer. You can scroll down to find your diagnosis. Also, I encourage you to go to the questions page now by clicking on the questions tab at the top of the page and post what is the most pressing issue you have right now. This will introduce you to the community and get you started with the help you need right now.


    If you can take a few minutes and fill in some details of your journey so far, it will help others as they try to answer questions for you, it also helps others as they search through the database to find someone like themselves. Confirming your email will allow you to receive updates and notices from the site when someone answers your questions or writes on your wall.

    Thanks for being with us and let me know if I can help you find any information on the site.

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    I am an esophageal cancer stage III survivor of 18 years. We created the Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation www.fightec.org in part to help patients with their journey through this disease.

    We have co-authored a book called 100 Questions and Answers about Esophageal Cancer published by Jones and Bartlett and you can get at any book store.

    We have also published a book called Esophagectomy Post Surgical Guide Questions & Answers published by Authorhouse that you can get at any bookstore or on our web site www.fightec.org

    We have support groups that meet by conference call on a monthly basis. Patients calling in with quality of life questions and hearing how other patients have handled a specific issue.. Go to www.fightec.org and click on services to get more information.

    We also have a 24 hour hotline to help with quality of life questions as well. We have a You Tube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDkh7_H9BOnNASdmG4pdF0g . If you subscribe to this channel, you will receive notice each time we add a video about esophageal cancer to it.

    Good luck

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    Brook asked a questionEsophagus (Esophageal) Cancer


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      Brooke, please update us on your problem and if your doctor could help you. If you decide to get a second opinion, we suggest you go to someone at a National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center because of the excellent quality of their doctors and medical centers. Also they are usually research centers and could have treatments not available to the general public. Ohio has one in Cleveland and Columbus. Here's a link to a list with their phone numbers:

      When you discuss your treatments with your oncologist, be sure to ask if you are a candidate for immunotherapy or a research study. Best wishes to you.

      6 months ago
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      I was told I had 3 months to live in June, 2009. Nuff said. Get another opinion. those words are so hard to hear. I went to National Institute of Health for a clinical trial. It worked enough.

      6 months ago
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      Everyone here has given you great words of advice. Unless you came with an expiration date stamped on your body, no one knows how long you've got. No one. I has a 12% chance of making it to five years after my diagnosis in October 2013. That was five-and-a-half years ago... Obviously, I didn't believe the odds. My attitude was that if there was even a 1% chance, *I* was going to be in that one percent. You can join me - I'd love the company.

      6 months ago
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