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    How often do you get a pet scan after you're done with treatments?

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      I had a PET scan in 2012. My oncologist doesn't like them nor order them.

      6 days ago
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      I am a 5-year Stage IV rectal cancer survivor. I have only had two PET scans - a year after SBRT radiation for a lung met to confirm that the nodule was dead, and that what was showing up on the CT scan was scar tissue. The PET scan confirmed that the nodule was dead - it didn't light up.

      The problem with PET scans is the high rate of false positives. That first PET scan lit up in my tailbone area - "suggestive of residual disease of metastatic recurrence." That area was the site of my rectal cancer surgery. So my medical team ordered an MRI of that area to see if there was cause for concern. It turned out that my uterus has tilted backward after the removal of my rectum. The soft tissue was my uterus.

      So to simply answer your question. PET scans are not usually routinely used for surveillance after treatment ends.

      6 days ago
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      This refers only to kidney cancer, as it has been shown that PET scans--different than PET/CT scans--usually do not give adequate information about kidney cancer primaries or metastases. Why is this? The PET scan shown the unusual cellular activity of most cancer cells in comparison to normal cells, causing them to "light up". Since kidney cancer is generally fairly slow-growing, and not as 'active' as other cancers, it can be missed by a PET scan. The combination PET/CT is helpful, but the CT with contrast is the 'gold standard". Since the contrast may concern some doctors as to its impact on the kidneys, be ready to flush your system immediately and thoroughly post the CT by drinking lots of water. Also prior to the CT, be well-hydrated until the time you are told NOT to drink anything but the contrast.

      6 days ago
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    My oncologist wants me to have a colonoscopy

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      I too have Kidney cancer. The colon I was told by my Oncologist is not known for being a target for metastasis, however, it has happened occasionally. My advice is get a colonoscopy. As Jane A said they may find polyps which they do remove and send off to Pathology which is standard.

      3 months ago
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      Worst part of a colonoscopy is the bowel prep. There are really good preps now but most docs don't Rx them due to cost ($200.+ for an 8 oz. swig). Due to gut disease, I've had over forty scopes since age 17 and been awake for half of them which wasn't ideal but I survived those episodes and only lost my temper once due to a young Resident who was an XXX while manipulating the hand piece on the colonoscope. I hope you are not averse to getting scoped due to some privacy issue, they've seen plenty of butts in their biz, get over it. Also, those kits you speak of aren't recommended for those with known bowel disease or cancer pts. Get your butt to the gi and remember to keep your gown closed in back, thank you very much...this isn't a burlesque show.

      3 months ago
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      I so agree with KB. Before colonoscopies, they had upper and lower bariums. Now those were miserable, compared to a colonoscopy and/or an endoscopy. , The prep is better and easier now, and the actual experience is easier and more thorough.

      I have bowel disease where I don't get constipated. When I had my last colonendoscopy, they found a huge NON-Malignant polyp that pretty much blocked my anus. It wasn't a problem for me, because my fecal matter is so very soft and liquid. If left in much longer, it probably would have become cancerous. A normal person would have been constipated from that and in a world of misery.

      My question is, What do you have against something that keeps you from having cancer? Why are you against something that would give you physical comfort, and the security of knowledge about your health?

      Next, people often have stomach pain, infections and surgery for diverticulitis, a fancy word for little pouches in our colons, because they seem to grab berry seeds and nut pieces and hold them inside a pocket. I have 3 diverticula. I've known that since around 1990. I have never had trouble with them, but if I get feverish, tummy swells and is tender, PAIN, my doctors know to check my colon for those. That alone is worth a million dollars in my opinion.

      So between knowing your general health, finding many problems in the early stages, preventing cancer and knowledge to find and care for diverticula, why wouldn't a person have a colonoscopy?

      I went online, and found chats about the prep I was prescribed. I covered the bathroom floor with layers of newspaper, had lots of baby wipes for my rear. a big plastic trash bag with a drawstring closure. My prep--it was also recommended to mix the prep with 7 UP-lemonade- That kept me from vomiting. Set a timer to know when to take your next dose.mix it with 7 UP and drink it. Some people recommended taking reading material, doing crosswords, some watched movies and TV shows on their phones. One man had been wanting a TV in his bathroom, so he bought and mounted a small wireless TV in his bathroom a few days before the prep. I also had depends to wear if I left my throne room, and my bowel kept wanting to work, so I wore a Depend to the GI center, and had spare Depends and wipes in my backpack.

      My vet was scared of the prep- and I told her all of this, and she got through it much better than she thought that she would. Don't think that you can drive yourself home. You would be surprised how many people try that. It doesn't work. You need to get a taxi, Uber, or Lyft to get home. My grandson took me up for my last one (I was 75 at that time) -they told him when I'd be ready to go home. We left his name and phone at the desk. He went back about an hour early, so he greeted me when I was wheeled out, and he stayed with me while I recovered.

      While it isn't pleasant, one can keep the procedure from being very bad.

      Oh, when it was almost time to go to the center. I packed the newspaper in the trash bag-the wipes depends were already in, I wiped down any splatter with the wipes, put on my Depend. I had a question and called the clinic--they assured me that I was good to go. I got dressed in comfortable jammies, dumped the trash in the dumpster and relaxed while my grandson drove. The rest of the family prepared to clean up a messy nasty bathroom. It was clean, clean smelling and ready to go. Part of my dignity depends on leaving a clean bathroom.

      3 months ago
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    Won't you join me in celebrating? Assuming you qualify. Have a great day everyone.

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    I am done with chemo for now and I have days that are killing me.

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      It's been so many years since I was finishing chemo and radiation that it's hard to remember the days right after it was over. But I do remember that just as soon as I stopped treatment, each week things go better. And sometimes I would be doing something and all of a sudden realize that I was doing something that I hadn't been able to do. I also remember having to take naps for even a couple of months after it was over. Each of us is different in how we take treatment and how we recover.

      5 months ago
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      Just because chemo ‘is done’ your body is still working hard dealing with the effects of it. My rad oncologist told me it could be weeks to a year to bounce back after a 30 day course WITHOUT ANYTHING ELSE. It can take as long to get your feet back under you as your treatment took or longer. Celebrate the little things step at a time getting better. Take that nap if you need it. Hugs!

      5 months ago
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      I am still in it and it's creeping up on me worse and worse. There are days that I cannot make it through the whole day either. I'm hoping that it doesn't get any worse.

      5 months ago