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    Welcome to What Next. It's a question that some of us have been asking for years now. I'm into my fifth year after diagnosis of Stage IV melanoma. Lots of "What nexts." If I can be of support to you in your journey, please let me know.

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    I'm a Stage IV melanoma survivor. Been at Stage IV for 4 1/2 years plus. Will be interested to read about your journey and lend support in any way I can.

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    Dear Bumblebee 320, It seems you and I have been living through a similar experience, both with diagnoses of Stage IV melanoma, for more than 4 years. Things are not always hunky dory for me as I am sure is true for you, but we are both still here to post to this site, to which I welcome you, and hope that we continue not only to live but even thrive in this journey of ours. One forum site I have found very helpful in these years can be found at melanomainternational.org. I would highly recommend it, both because of its membership but also because of its sterling leadership and guidance by melanoma medical experts. I particularly like it because, unlike other forums on cancer I have experienced, including this fine one, it has a special sub-forum for those with Stage IV melanoma. It is not restrictive to others who want to visit it, but the main group consists of others who are going through very similar experiences and looking for similar answers to similar questions. Quite a few of the participants are also caregivers to Stage IV patients. Take a peek. User friendly. And a community not just a forum. You can also "lurk" without posting as long as you don't want to or feel comfortable posting yourself. Learn an awful lot that way too. My best wishes to you for our coming weeks, months, and years!! Frank

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    Welcome to What Next. I know you would prefer not to have to be here, but I hope the group can provide some of the assistance you need or may need. I was also diagnosed with Stage IV almost 4 years ago. I've been blessed with not only still being around but feel very well, with no active melanoma. Good doctors whose advice I've followed, prayers and support from family and friends, exercising as much as I can handle, healthy diet are the plus things I can point to. I think all of them have made a difference. Contact me if I can be of any help. Frank

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      Frank, I appreciate the welcome, it means a lot to me. I was diagnosed with Stage IV - in my Sacrum back in September 2014. My follow up scans were all good (just that one tumor which appeared to be either shrinking or staying the same, and nothing new. I felt great. That was following some radiation and 2 infusions of Ippy. As of Mid Feb I have been having some pain and after getting some MRIs done we found the tumor has grown - so they are using Radiation again to attack it - starting this afternoon. I truly got the better of it last time and I intend to do so again.
      Thank you for the outreach -

      about 1 year ago