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    Just had a mammogram today. 14 years plus since my diagnosis with Stage 2 male breast cancer. Happy to share that after treatment there has been no recurrence. Best to you on your journey.

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    Milestones: Wednesday, June 15, I recieved the word that I no longer had evidence of stage 4 melanoma from my oncologist at the University of Michigan, Chris Lao. I had been working with him for just about exactly 5 years as I moved from lobectomy, to SRS radiation to the brain to eliminate 2 brain mets, and further cancers on my hip and in my duodenal crevice. Brain surgeries, a course of Yervoy, seizures from brain scar tissue probably, a post-brain surgery fall and bilateral brain hematoma, liver blockage leading to 13 months with a biliary tube, etc. Now after 13 months of Opdivo, a complete response. Opdivo to continue for 2 more months, but removal of tube and back to a life cancer free.

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      Frank, this is great news, so happy for you. I hope Catherine can provide you with the answers you are looking for.

      4 months ago
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      I have stage IV melanoma. Glad to hear about the Opdivo!

      3 months ago
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    After 5 plus years with stage 4 melanoma, I received PET scan report last week that I am now NED and have obtained a "complete response" to my 13 month course of nivolumab. Happy days! The doctor assured me that people in my situation rarely ever relapse. So getting ready for a life without the constant trials of melanoma. Joyful, grateful, and still amazed. A present I was not expecting. And hope for all those who are still fighting.

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    Welcome to What Next. It's a question that some of us have been asking for years now. I'm into my fifth year after diagnosis of Stage IV melanoma. Lots of "What nexts." If I can be of support to you in your journey, please let me know.