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    Thank you for sharing your story. I am so glad you are enjoying life and things are going well for you. I was diagnosed about a year ago, had chemo, my hair is coming back and I am so thankful for each 'all is well' check-up. Hope that continues for both of us.

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      Glad to hear that you are doing better Buffy. I was wondering if your hair has come back in curly. My came back curly after chemo and is still curly almost two years later for which I am grateful. Makes it so much easier and faster to get ready in the morning.
      I too am grateful for each"All is well" check-up. Makes each day a gift doesn't it?
      Ok ... off to the gym....take care and thank you for your comment.

      about 9 years ago
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    Celebration (Hair is back): As my doctor said, my hair came back. It was a surprise that it was dark and curly when the hair I lost was blond and straight! However, I'm getting used to it and I seem like a new person to the people around me! It feels strange to be thinking about how my hair looks when a year ago all I could think of was staying alive. Perspectives change over time - it is hard to describe the range of emotions and stages I felt myself going through over the past year. I am thankful to be finished with treatment and for having 3 clean PET scans and checkups. Next three-month checkup is in about a month.

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