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    Hi, carm. I'd like to ask you a question if you don't mind. Is Tamoxifen considered chemotherapy? I know it is "hormone therapy" but is it considered chemotherapy? I didn't have much luck googling this. Thank you so much for any help you can provide. I really appreciate it.

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      When I said to my oncologist that my aromatase was a chemical so ‘chemo’ therapy. He laughed and said no.

      2 days ago
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      Hey Bug, in a word...no. it is an anti-estrogen drug that blocks the production of a hormone by blocking the signal from the receptor. It is more of a targeted therapy. It is not the same as an aromitase inhibitor because AI's block the aromitase enzyme from converting other hormones to estradoil. A chemotherapy is systemic and it attacks healthy cells and well as cancer cells. It has no particular target. Cancer cells seem to have an adverse reaction to chemotherapies which is why it is used. However, over time, the body adjusts to it and finds a way around it. Tamoxifen only has one target which makes it a targeted therapy. A drug like Avastin is a biotherapy because it does not attack a tumor; just the environment that surrounds the tumor. I hope this helps to clarify.

      2 days ago
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      Thank you very much, carm. I thought it was something along those lines but someone else I spoke to said it is considered chemotherapy. I'm writing "my story" for Greg to post and I want to make sure I use the correct language. Thank you!

      about 21 hours ago
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    Hi Bug, I'm not sure if I asked you already, but, I am looking for another WhatNexter to write their story out for me to be featured on our Blog for our WhatNexter of The Week. Would you like to do that for us? It's pretty simple, you don't have to be a "writer". You just write out what has happened with your diagnosis from the day you found you had a problem and went to the doctor up through the current day. I usually just say to cover these points in your story and it writes itself.

    How did you know you had a problem?
    What was your diagnosis and stage?
    What was the plan for treatments?
    What have you had done so far, surgery, chemo, treatments?
    What sort of side effects have you had?
    What are some of the worst parts of the whole thing so far?
    What have you learned about yourself, your family, friends, and life in general since diagnosis?
    How has cancer changed your life in general?
    How are you doing now? Still in treatments, maintenance, cruising smoothly and just watching?

    If you write that out and email to me greg @ whatnext . com with a few pictures we will edit and put it together. You don't need to worry about most of the technical things while writing it out. We will make it flow, if needed, and edit for grammar and spelling, etc.

    Thanks and I hope you can do this for us! Again, thanks for being with us and helping others.


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      Hi, Greg! You asked me about this a few years ago. I wrote something but wasn’t happy with it and never got back to it. I’m sorry! Yes, I will write something and I promise to get it to you. Do you want a minimum number of words? Or is there a maximum?

      7 days ago
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      Hi bug, thanks for the reminder. At least 1000 words and you can do as much as it takes to cover all the things you would like to talk about.

      That's great, I look forward to seeing it. Also dont worry to much about it, we we edit for you.


      6 days ago
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