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    We all have a right to be kind of ticked off because we have cancer.

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      Consider a free webinar: https://www.lls.org/events/understanding-the-emotional-effects-of-cancer
      Even though it is the leukemia and lymphoma foundation, the psychological effects are the same. A few details:

      Topics Covered

      1. The impact of a cancer diagnosis on your physical, psychological, spiritual and social health
      2. Benefits of psychosocial care for cancer patients and their loved ones
      3. Psychosocial resources for cancer patients


      Daniel C. McFarland, DO
      Medical Oncologist/Psychiatrist
      Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
      Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
      New York, NY

      1 day ago
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      So, what's wrong with a little anger, or sadness, or any other "negative" feelings?
      They are simply a normal part of the game of life. Of course if these feelings get out of hand,
      then something needs to be done.
      Most of us can handle these hopefully, SHORT lived spells without running to an expensive therapist. We can kvetch all we what right here.
      We have been thru enough @*$& and are pretty tough.

      Leuky, love your posts, they are quite succinct and I wish more folks had your attitude!

      1 day ago
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      I've learned that since going through my cancer journey, I don't take or listen to any BS! sorry but that's the only way I can describe it. I will try my best to be tactful but there are just some people that push you over the edge. I'm not mean by any sense of the word, I enjoy helping people and being friendly to one and all. So thankfully, it's not like an every day occurrence!

      about 4 hours ago
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    I'm not sure about this one. I listen to a lot of music but still can't remember much.

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      This is true. At least the memory part of it. I have witnessed first hand the remarkable change in Alzheimer's and dementia patients when they are subjected to music. At least for a time they come alive, wake up, or whatever you want to call it. Folks who have been totally "absent" from reality start to sing along, talk, dance, one fellow got up and started to conduct and even after returning to their rooms, for a time, will continue to make that connection. My nephew is a professional musician who started playing at senior and nursing facilities. He enjoys it for the small difference he can make in sometimes a rather dismal existence and has become very interested in the application of music as memory therapy.

      7 days ago
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    BugsBunny asked a questionBone Cancer

    Do you ever feel bad for your spouse for having to deal with everything you are going through?

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      My wife and I will be married 40 years this Feb. We had been married for 8 years when I was diagnosed the first time. I always say that she didn't sign up for all that comes with being married to a long term cancer patient and having to ride the rollercoaster that is being a caregiver for a cancer patient. I do worry about her and the stress that I know it puts on her.

      22 days ago
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      When we decide “this person is THE ONE,” we all sign up for whatever will happen, and we know that eventually, something bad will happen to one of us. Through thick and thin. I’m no angel with my partner, but he and I are getting along better as we grow old together, and I’m very thankful for that. He was lucky with my cancer so far, as I didn’t need much caretaking. However, who knows what’ll befall either or both of us? And we have no kids. I know how hard it can be to be a caretaker, but I think there’s no excuse for abandoning a life partner. Hope I don’t want to eat my words someday.

      21 days ago
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      Yes and no. No one wants to add hardship to those they love. But, like Carool said, when you decide the person is the one (marriage or not), that's what you do. I'd do it for him in a heartbeat.

      20 days ago