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    Did you lose your taste and some of your ability to smell things during chemo?

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      I lost my taste in each of the 3 diagnoses that I have had, I think my smell has been enhanced somehow. You should get it back about a month after the treatments stop. We hope you are tasting again soon!

      7 days ago
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      I didn't really lose my sense of taste as much as things tasted odd. Even water had an unpleasant flavor. It did come back, I remember clearly the first time I liked drinking water again.

      6 days ago
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      During chemo, some things had a metallic taste. Smell seemed unaffected. Overall, my sense of taste was heightened - salty things tasted really salty, sweet very sweet, etc. I love steak, but I tasted the iron in it, so I didn't eat much of it. I mostly ate bland, healthy things. Bland is good. Yes, it came back - after about 6 -8 weeks after the last chemo treatment. I appreciate the little things so much more now!

      4 days ago
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    I am moving forward, and I thank God I'm not where I used to be. Are you moving forward?

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    When you have to stay home and not be out in public

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      I've taken up learning to watercolor. And I bought a Kindle and subscribe to a couple of daily services where books are either free or low-cost.

      15 days ago
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      I loved working puzzles, or doing word puzzles. I learned a lot of new new things watching youtube. I learned new crochet stitches, how to paint using a new medium, different tricks for new software that I have. Like how to do different things in word and excel. I even watched old cartoons from when I was younger or when my children were younger.

      15 days ago
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      It was winter when I had to stay home. So I worked on crochet projects and watched a lot of tv. I didn't really care that I had to be home and not out in crowds. Not a fan of snow and cold.
      Watched Big Bang Theory, and old sit coms like Brady bunch, Andy Griffen, and other old shows.
      Except for doctor appointments and hospital stays, I was home from December through March. I wasn't allowed to go to church, so I had ministers of communion come to the house. And my friends were aware of my situation and would stay away if they had a cold. It was rough.

      14 days ago