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    A special "thank you" to everyone who has responded to my question.

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    Healing after a lumpectomy

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      I think all the answers here are very helpful...we all heal at different rates...I had no problems with my lumpectomy site (x2 surgeries) but had a lot of pain at the nodal biopsy site...elevation really helped and some Tylenol but definitely check with your surgeon one his nurse. Good luck and God bless!

      about 8 years ago
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      Raising my arm with a pillow or placing above my head while lying in bed was easiest. Sorry but I don't know about the ice.
      The SNB area was the most sensitive and swollen for me and took longer to return to normal (biopsy then lumpectomy w/ SNB on 1/28/13). Actually the area is still tender. I did have to have the area drained about 2 weeks after the surgery. At my 6 week follow-up, surgeon was concerned that swelling was a lymph note so she tried to drain it and eventually (multiple sticks and probing) found some fluid but the area is still uncomfortable.
      Last weekend I attended a cancer retreat and learned about Healthy Steps - it is designed to prevent lymphedema. It was set to music with fun props (bubbles, tambourine, flags, coin skirt!)

      about 8 years ago
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      Hi, Butterfly- Everyone can give you advice about their journey but, everyone’s walk is totally different. But, the advice to call your doctors no matter how small the issue or pain is calling them. This is way you have decided to have them on your team to support you.
      I had the same surgery and I had drainage, which I drain myself. I used the pillow and ice until my swelling down. I went a different direction of not using any type of deodorant and I don’t have any type of order. But, the summer months are approaching. Which I will probably will use Tom’s deodorant. I have also, used sulfur free shampoo . I continue to exercise with a theraphist at the hospital and she did certain exercises.

      about 8 years ago
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    Procedure or Surgery (Lumpectomy): I had an lumpectomy on 4-17-13 for IDC and 4 lymph nodes removed (sentinel lymph node biopsy). All lymph nodes were free of cancer. On 4-29-13, I had my post-op exam and complained of intense swelling above incision. My surgeon did drain the area to provide relief; however, the swelling is still providing discomfort. I have tried to elevate the affected arm with a pillow. Should ice be applied since the surgery was over two (2) weeks ago?