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    I don't want female nurses witnessing my biopsy procedure. No place for a woman to be.

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    Oh No (Relationship issues): Don't like talking to female nurses about male prostate problems

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      Hi, Calvert!

      We're close to the same age, and I had surgery just 5 months ago.

      Why are you concerned about whether or not your clinical person is male or female? They are all there to get you though this.

      I'll be happy to talk to you about that, or anything else.

      James 2:24

      about 10 years ago
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      Get over it, they can be the best when it comes to listening and support. The more you talk about it, the better you will be able to discuss therapy with doctors who many times have become rather hardened to the whole path you are on. Get "warm fuzzy's" any where you can. As I said in my earlier post, check out where I have traveled to on my journey. Hope it helps.

      about 10 years ago
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      It's your right to feel the way you do, as a woman I am not comfortable with other women either. It may not be a sexual relationship, but it is still our body and our comfort zone.

      about 10 years ago
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