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    Do you have to do any of the "leg work" in filing your claims, or does your facility/doctor's office do it all for you?

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      I have been extremely lucky that my hospital took everything completely out of my hands even when insurance balked at paying for some very expensive "pre-approved" tests and my entire radiation regimen calling them "unnecessary procedures" - after they had already been done. I was freaking out at a time when it was the last thing I needed to add to already over the top stress levels. Hospital representative said, Don't give it another thought, we will take care of this. And they did!

      12 days ago
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      My main major medical policy is filed by the provider, my cancer policy I file with the bill that I get. Fairly easy online.

      12 days ago
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      I work in the insurance biz. If the provider is getting paid, they should be submitting the claim themselves. There are times when a patient has to prod the doctor or hospital, but they should NOT have to. In general, the only time we support a doctor billing the patient is if the insurance company is waiting for info from the patient, such as if we need to know if the patient has another insurance or accident details (ie - should an auto insurance pay for an injury or is it workers comp). Once we receive the info, claims get reprocessed.

      9 days ago
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    We see that things happen to us all the time that we never thought would happen to us.

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    CancerNews asked a questionLeukemia

    Have you qualified for any of the surveys we have on the site from time to time?

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      I don't qualify any longer. I don't even try any longer because sometimes i waste 20-30 minutes completing all of the information before being rejected.

      16 days ago
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      Haven't qualified for any in the past 2 or 3 years.

      16 days ago
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      I just received an email about one. I'll let you know.

      13 days ago
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    What will you bring to the New Year and what do you expect it to bring you?