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    Newly diagnosed Stage 1A lung cancer non-smoker age 43- I am having a lower right lobectomy on Friday. Are there any others like me?

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      What did they tell you about the surgery you're having on Friday?


      almost 8 years ago
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      Hi! I am 27 y.o. female. I have stage 2b lung cancer. I had my right upper lobe removed in July. My Dr. Did it laproscopicaly and I was in the hospital for one week. I had a chest tube and a special bag called an on-q. It was filled with a lidocaine like solution to keep the area numb and greatly decreased my pain level. I healed very nicely. I started chemo about a month ago and I'm hanging in there. If you want to know anything please feel free to ask. I see you say that you don't smoke. Did they tell you what caused the cancer? I have ALK which is a rare genetic mutation that caused mine.

      over 7 years ago
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      I was diagnosed with stage 1 cancer in Nov 2011. They removed the upper right lobe and said I was cancer free. I spent 5 days in the hospital.
      they used an epidural to control my pain. I was up and walking the nest day. It really wasn;t as bad as I thought it would be. Unfortunately, my cancer is back and in my lymph nodes. I will be starting chemo on 10/11.
      good luck and just remember to walk both in the hospital and when you get home.

      over 7 years ago
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