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    Dietary changes

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      Thank you all for your excellent responses.
      I do already stick to an all natural, sensible diet, avoiding GMOs, artificial ingredients, using organic when sensible, making home made cooking as much as possible. I also love to bake, and take treats to share at work. I love carbs.
      The problem I have is, my daughter has been on Keto since November.
      She insists I also go on this. I already told her I read up on it and choose not to .
      I said let's agree to disagree. It's a strain on our relationship. I get so frustrated.
      I know that cancer has no rhyme or reason.

      about 1 year ago
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      My daughter is 43 years old.

      about 1 year ago
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      My experience with some people who convert to eating programs like Keto or Paleo (and untold others) is that they tend to become so devoted to their new dietary ideology that they begin to proselytize to gain new converts.

      Your daughter's intentions are undoubtedly driven by love and concern for you and your health. Nonetheless, her efforts to convert you can be very stressful for you.

      Can you explain to her that the discussions about diet are stressful and upsetting to you, especially while you are dealing with cancer treatments, periodic scans and the unpredictable and senseless nature of cancer.

      I am sorry that you are going through this. Having happy supportive relationships with family is a huge advantage as you manage your cancer. I hope you can achieve this with your daughter.

      about 1 year ago
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    Question: Dietary changes

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    One year ago on April 6th, I had my first chemo treatment.
    When I look back now, I can see why they call it a journey. You go so far, need to rest, re evaluate your route.
    I've come a long way.
    I'm working again at my job part time. Getting back into a routine and using my skills plus being around people, is great.
    Thursday's have become my "day off". I've started to get out with friends for walking, lattes, lunch, crafts. It enriches our lives to join others and who knows how much they need us, too!
    I've met a lot of survivors, new friends who are precious treasures! The strength and determination is amazing!
    I still need CT scans every 3 months, but so far, I'm clear of the tumors without a primary. Yay!

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    Hi! Glad you joined the best support group!
    I hope you get answers as you go along.

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    Chemo can be tough, but we are tougher! I'm glad I gave it a go.
    Also can look at immunotherapy, if your doctor looks into it.
    I was recommended to do it if chemo failed , but the chemo treatments worked.

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    Hi, how are you?
    You are on your way to uncharted territory. My husband was my caregiver, and he chose to keep himself busy, away from me to avoid the reality. He still hasn't accepted it. I don't want to be smothered, but I would like more connection!
    I'm glad he got me out for rides in the country last summer, when that's all I could do.
    Memories of going to Amish greenhouses and getting ice cream was special!