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    Welcome!! I remember being diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian Cancer...I told God I was TERRIFIED... My fear was gone right then. I knew it was serious but I could think clearly. I had surgery and the Gynecologic/ Oncologist/Surgeon removed all the cancer he could see that included a 39 pound tumor. He woke me and told me what it was. I asked him how much time I had... his response was 6 months. Now this sounds strange, but my first thought was to count forward 6 months.....August...I thought... oh good people won't have to freeze by my grave site..... It gets cold in Minnesota... but colder standing by a grave in Ohio just off Lake Erie... where my father was buried.... then as I was dozing off, I remember raising my hand and asking God to take my hand and lead me to where He wanted me to be.. The surgery was pm Feb/ 23 2006....... 12 years and 5 months ago... we did almost 18 months of strong chemo...which was doable! I know God still holds my hand and is still leading me... May He bless you with His guidance also....

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      Oh my gosh thank you so much for this story. It is amazing how God does give you what you need to hear at just the right time. This brought tears to my eyes but also brought my anxiety level down 100%. A 39 pound tumor!!! Wow! That is amazing. I have been so blessed with so many God moments. My surgeons all said if I did not have the seizure the brain lesion would have not been discovered until it was probably too late to do anything about it so I know God was up there saying obviously you are not taking care of your health, I need to do it for you! The other thing is they have done every test known to man and cancer has not showed up anywhere else. So it looks like it might be confined to the uterus and the brain lesion which makes me a very rare case. I am only 53 and know i have a lot more living to do so like you I am turning the Him for support and know he will get me through and also teach me what He wants me to learn through all of it and what I should do with it.

      Thank you again for your kind words!

      1 day ago
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      God was quite persistent with me too.... I had things I needed to get done,,, yet He kept pushing me to check my e-mail... I read your post in my What Next e-mail and understood... Again, know He is walking with you

      about 4 hours ago
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    Woebey... Welcome to what next.. I'm so glad you found us. I was 62 when I was diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian Cancer... My Gynecologic Oncologist Surgeon operated and removed a 39 pound tumor, and scraped all the cancer he could see from my intestines, urethra and fat pads... I asked him how long I had.. he replied "six months" That was 12 years and 5 months ago. I just celebrated my 75th Birthday in May. Might I suggest that you get another opinion on treatment... We've come a long way from 2006~

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    carol you,ve been through alot your a very strong woman. just know that i care and i,ll be here for you. believe me when i say you have a guardian angel beside you shes been there with you through all of it and she,ll continue to be by your side. i,m here if you need me. love susiejo

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    Hi SusieJo, Glad you found us. Glad you found us. I hope we can help you with any questions you may have.