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    Anyone know of issues/problems taking antidepressants during chemo?

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      I've had no problems with the generic for Zoloft and an occasional 1/2 tab of lorazepam for anxiety.

      about 5 years ago
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      I take one and then I also talk xanax as needed. Nothing wrong with it just remember it will take a few weeks for it to get started working for you it has to build up in your system. Thats why I also take the xanax for those days when the anti depressant just isn't enough. Do what helps YOU.
      Good luck.

      about 5 years ago
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      No problem what so ever. I was put on Lexapro right before starting Chemo by my oncologist and I also take Xanax if I need it so don't worry about taking an antidepressant during chemo Hope this helps Joyce

      about 5 years ago
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    Thank you for your response to my question. I will pray for your family's situation and count my blessings that I have great insurance and a sick bank at work.

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      Just as a cautionary note, you should check carefully into your state/district's health plan and disability. In CA, teachers do not pay into social security because they have a private teacher's retirement. This has implications because the teacher's system doesn't cover health care, and most district's no longer cover retiree health. No district's in CA cover disability health care, and the family coverage ends when a person is no longer actively employed.

      It's a good idea to check it all out and know your rights ahead of time, whether you think you'll have to take time off or not. I know several teacher friends who've gotten stung by the convoluted rules here in CA and have had major financial problems as a result. A sick leave bank is great (hubby has one and has gotten days from it), but it doesn't cover you if you have to stop working altogether.

      Thanks for the prayers!!

      over 5 years ago
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