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    Hi Carool-I guess that you missed my last Email. This is the year of I can't believe it happened.

    Jax and Ryder got into it-Jax won. Ryder was limping-no blood or cut--next morning he was limping worse-so I took him to the vet--muzzled and on a leash. They X-Rayed him and called me in. Ryder was standing next to a tech. OK- The vet shows me the X-Rays-no fractures. She starts talking about a bruise and he's in pain.

    We hear a dog fight in the waiting room. I scan the room and Ryder is gone-- I scream-- Ryder- it's Ryder Where's Ryder? and I start for the door. They scream- No- we'll go liability---So they bring him in and say- Here take care of your dog! I grab his collar- and I say-- Where's his leash? He had a leash on when I left the room. No wonder he got out-No Leash. It's red nylon with a snap on each end. I stoop down and look under the furniture- pulling drawers open-moving all of the X-Ray protective gear to see if the leash is underneath. I'm saying Thank god he's still muzzled- where's the red leash- I brought him in with a red leash. Everyone is checking exam rooms, kennels, waiting room. I think the vet is ready to cry., then a real tall female tech remembered that she stuck it on top of a top wall cabinet. The poor vet says--I can't remember what we were doing.

    I told her that she explained the X-Ray and started talking about his pain.. She said-- OH, so she prescribed a painkiller-anti inflammatory. I asked if the bill was ready, they said- do the bill here so the other patients don't see Ryder again. it took a few minutes- they brought the bill in- and the stress caught up with me-I forgot my PIN-the vet just about passed out- really- and I said- run it as a credit card-that works. Then we went out the back way.

    I don't think that I've ever heard of a dog-cat running loose at the vet because nobody put the leash back on--Leashes and collars break, more often a collar isn't buckled up right, or the collar is so loose that it slips off. Those old leather and web harnesses were notorious for a dog-cat slipping out, but it happened.

    I'm not mad-even though I spent the whole time saying--TG he has his muzzle on-- TG he has his muzzle on Anyway, when Missy was a high 80 lb girl, we went in to a vet-- about 2009- and they put us in an exam room. It had a small hole in the drywall. They showed me the hole- and said we aren't letting cats or small dogs in here. Somebody said that a dog that's 45 lbs is too big to go in the wall.
    Missy always sits under my chair-seat- and the chairs were anchored over the hole.

    Missy sat under my chair. When the vet came in- Missy crawled in the hole, so deep that we couldn't see her. So we waited til the handyman came from another VCA clinic, and cut the chairs out. Then they started way above Missy-cutting the drywall . Over an hour later Missy was cut out and had her exam. That is legend in Albuquerque, and a matter of discussion at vet conferences. Ho animal goes into a room with a hole in the wall. There is a long list of how vets could be sued from a pet in the wall---Missy was calm- didn't cry or fight. Missy wasn't cut, wasn't nervous, didn't develop heart-lung trouble, nobody got bit- I didn't have a hysteria attack, cut, or sprain anything--etc.

    Vets and vet clinics learn and improve. That tall tech won't place anything high up again.

    I decided- what do I expect from a year, where we spent New Years Day in an ER exam room watching foot ball-while I coughed up blood and calcium from a stuck calcium pill? I don't care to tell anyone here about Ryder and the vet, because with 4 dogs--Stonewall, Missy, Jax, and Ryder-about 4 years- and wonderful and compassionate care--why would I start talking about this or have anybody think badly of this? ruin their business-reputation? I'm sure that they are having to do damage control with the people in the waiting room, and it's not like Ryder was trying to maul a teacup Yorkie or something or anybody got hurt--lots of frail old ladies go there.

    Anyway, I got about 200 lbs of foxtails out of the backyard. A foxtail sticker can go through flesh into the eardrum-brain or in the blood from sticking a paw and go in the heart or brain. Now to start on the ally or the side yards. I pretty much got the front yard in shape---drought-water restrictions-so xeriscape- cover everything with gravel, rock, bricks, etc.. Records rains- so I pulled occasional weeds and poisoned grass.

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      Meyati, wow! Naively, I didn’t realize that Jax and Ryder ever fought to the point of drawing blood (but I have only my stuffed dogs, so what do I know?). As for Missy’s escape into the wall, though I know it was very stressful at the time, it’s funny to hear now. She did what most of us feel like doing when we go to our “vet,” our doctors. Except who wants to be dug out of a wall?

      And I never heard of foxtails being dangerous to animals (not that I’ve heard anything about foxtails).


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