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    Welcome Carroll,. I hope your clinical trial goes well. I have heard people on clinical trials get excellent care. Feel free to ask any questions. We are here for you.

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    Hiya Carroll! Welcome to WhatNext. This site is a great place to get advice, support, a sympathetic ear and more. The folks here definitely "get it".

    I was originally diagnosed in 2013 with stage IV ovarian. Initial treatment was rough but I made it through. My life has changed a lot in the five-plus years since I heard the words "We think you have cancer."

    Since the original diagnosis, I've had two recurrences and recently stopped treatment with Avastin and Topotecan so I can get a much-needed knee replacement. My tumors are very small and have been stable so I hope they continue to behave as I can't do chemo and the knee surgery.

    Please take some time to explore this site and check out the links, resources, Pinboard, and questions pages. The information there is great. The rest of us here are also happy to connect and answer your questions about our cancer journeys and how you can navigate the changes to come.

    Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want to connect.

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    Hi Carroll, welcome to WhatNext. Thank you for sharing your journey so far. Things really move quickly when you get diagnosed with cancer. Chemo therapy, surgery and now you are about to start a clinical trial in immunotherapy, I wish you success . Immunotherapy offers great hope for the future of all survivors and has had some promising successes so far in blood and lung cancers. I am also a IIIC ovarian cancer survivor who was diagnosed five years ago at age 66. I came to WhatNext looking for answers and needing to connect with other survivors. Over the years I have benefitted from the advice , interaction and support given. Ask any questions and perhaps help answer other’s questions . You can talk to survivors on their walls and be sure to visit the pin board for some funny and uplifting posts. Here to talk anytime and wishing you better days ahead.

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    Clinical Trial (immunotherapy for ovarian cancer): About to start treatment

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