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      A man named Royal Rife invented a frequency healing machine in the early 1900s. He was sent 16 uncurable patients. Each patient was made well with no side effects and Rife was lauded as a miracle healer until ... he decided to give away his technology at cost and to not partner up with the then head of Sloan Kettering. Within a month or so Rife's lab exploded, he was ridiculed and reviled and the gov't collected his 14 machines and took them away.

      Rife disappeared. He reappeared in the late 60s - early 70s with liver disease from years of drinking, was hospitalized, and died in hospital from a mysterious overdose of vallium while in hospital. Go figure.

      If you are going to research, fusilier, go to the origins of work.

      There will not ever be a way to quantify the value of excellent nutrition. You will find that you are unable to patent the synergistic effect of eating dandelion leaves along with watercress and beets served with a vinegarette of grapes, walnuts and herbs. At the same time, the immediate good effect of eating said salad on a patient is spectacular. There are those who say that 98% of disease is nutritional (lack of nutrition) in origin. Some of them are professor emeritis. Basically, there is no profit unless there is a synthethic something or other which can be patented.

      Consider that when you venture to hear an orchestra, a quieted flute can make or break the piece and its effect on you. There is, however, no scientific way to quantify or prove that the sound of timpany will improve a listening experience. How do you scientifically explain that you'd rather hear a live orchestra with a noted conductor than step into an elevator and listen to canned pitch?

      As Hamlet spake: "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

      almost 8 years ago
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      While it is great that you have experience in cancer diagnosis and treatment, your opinion is still your opinion. The opinion of two oncologists was that I will not live to see this Christmas without radiation and two chemotherapy drugs, about six months ago. I think that they were wrong. I'm going back to work next month. I would not be going back to work next month with the poison that they prescribed and I WILL see NEXT Christmas!

      "There does not exist any science behind" the alternative treatment that I chose, along with surgery. There is only anecdotal evidence, because the treatment studies will not be funded. The money goes into more research into what we have been doing for decades. Many types of cancer show no indication of an improved treatment schedule, or show an increase in incidence and/or death rates. This is after decades and decades of billions and billions of dollars. Why not spend a few bucks somewhere else? Why do I have to go to Europe to get thermal treatments? Is everything that isn't allowed in the U.S. "quackery"? Why do I have to accept therapy that I know will kill perfectly healthy cells in my body?

      "There does not exist any science behind" the possibility that your radiation and chemo treatments will not kill you during or after your "treatment". You have the right to take that chance. Should I not have the right to look elsewhere? There wasn't any "science behind" antibiotics before the Civil War. There wasn't any "science behind" a lot of things 1, 5, 10 years ago!

      I'd rather pay a little more for good food than cheap poison, thank you.

      If you are paid, with government dollars, from taxpayer dollars, to do a study, you have to "show your work". When you are branded a quack and given nothing except faith to work with, you don't have to. The ACS "cannot explain" why Gerson Therapy extends life in some cases. Everyone can explain why chemo and radiation extends life sometimes. It kills every new cell that is trying to be created.

      I have REAL hope!

      almost 8 years ago
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      Oh, I forgot.

      I had no hope when they said that I would be on a feeding tube right now because the radiation treatments would not have allowed me to swallow.

      I had no hope when I considered that chemo would cause me to vomit hydrochloric acid over the burned flesh in my throat.

      I had no hope when I saw the look on my dentist's face when he knew why I was there. We are friends. He was afraid of my treatments when he had to prep me for radiation treatments.

      I ONLY found hope in another way. Some people have to. You have your choice. Everyone is allowed their own.

      almost 8 years ago
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