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    HI Judi,

    Just wanted to wish you a Happy September birthday and check in with you.

    As for me, I'm doing good. A month ago I had surgery on my eyes because they kept tearing. After 3 years of wiping, wiping, wiping I consented to the surgery. Other than not being able to see--no TV and no reading for 3 weeks--I persevered. I don't know why I didn't have it done sooner.

    I am having a problem with my sore back. I had a cortisone shot 5 weeks ago. It took all the pain away but it has come back with a vengeance. I have to wait 3 weeks for the next injection. My oncologist & an MRI has assured me it has nothing to do with the cancer but I worry that I won't find an alternative pain reduction. I don't think I can continue cortison shots indefinitely. We will see.

    I'm very sad today. My friend of 50 years called me last week with the news that she has blood cancer with only 2-3 months to live. Last night my husband got a call that she died on Monday. She lived only 3 weeks from diagnosis. May God rest her soul. I will miss her terribly.

    I hope this finds you coping well and your spirits up.


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    Always happy to talk!

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    Hi dummyram, Me again. I thought I would give you a followup. I'm sorry to say that I have had a recurrence in November 2013. Monday I will have my 3rd infusion of Paxol. It seems to be working as I got a notice last month that my a1c had gone down.

    I'm feeling pretty well and my spirits are usually good. I'm just tired all the time. The nurse told me last checkup that this cancer is so rare (I read somewhere there are only about 3,000 patients in the US with peritoneal cancer) they don't have much information concerning it. When I first initially began treatment at the University of MN (a teaching and cutting edge treatment center) back in 2012 they took a separate vial of blood each treatment for a study they were doing.

    Are you contuing to do well? I'm happy to hear that you were able to return to work. May God continue to hold you in the palm of his hand.

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    Hi midvilpat, I am also a recurrent primary peritoneal carcinoma patient having been diagnosed in January 2012. I have experienced a recurrence in November 2013. Now I am receiving Paxol. Monday I will be receiving my 3rd infusion and seeing my oncologist later that morning. I got a notice last month after only being on Taxol for 2 months that my a1c had gone down. I assume that my doctor will talk to me on Monday about the next step in my treatment.

    I feel that I have been fortunate that I have had no major hardships with my treatments...no nausea but neuropathy in my feet and hands that has been controlled by gabapentin. At first my hands were so cold I couldn't fall asleep at night w/o wearing gloves to bed to warm them. Now the medication controls the neuropathy in my hands but I have to use a hot water bottle for my feet or I can't get to sleep.

    My family rallied around me for the first year after diagnosis. As time has gone on and my spirits haven't waned I believe they are becoming complacent. My only ongoing disability is my fatigue and sore back.

    My doctor has told me that I will continue to have recurrences with shorter time between them. I pretty much have taken a positive attitude about my cancer treatments. When I read of some patients living as long as 10+ years, I think why not me? And why not you? If not, I will continue to live each day w/o doom and gloom to burden my family. I have my sad moments but I keep them private. I remind myself that they are coming up with new cancer treatments every day. I believe that someday they will be able to cure all cancers.

    May you find joy in every day. Keep the faith! CathyG

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      Thanks for your uplifting comments. I also have neuropathy in my hands and feet which is being controlled with gabapentin. I really don't think about it since I have had it so long, it has just become a part of my "new normal." I try not to dwell on the bad, but of course there are times it does sneak into my thoughts. I have a bucket list of things I would like to do and my sisters are trying to fulfill a lot of my wishes which started with my first cruise in September. What a great time we had and how nice it was to go away and not think about my cancer and my chemo!! I wish you much happiness in your life!! Pat D.

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