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    Side Effects (Fatigue (tiredness))

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    Radiation (Internal radiation)

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    Drug or Chemo Therapy (Chemotherapy)

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    Hi WVgirl,

    My name is Catie & i am in remission since my transplant in Dec but I am dealing with some depression due to isolation. I wanted to know what did you do to get through this obstacle? I'm excited about the remission but I crave interactions with others. My fiancé does what he can but I can't expect him to entertain me 24/7. Congrats on your remission!

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      I'm so happy you are in remission. Why are you in isolation? When can you go back to work?

      over 9 years ago
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      Catiejay, I understand the depression. I am 13 months post transplant and still cannot work. I remember when I could not go outside and the was allowed to Walmart once weekly. I was lucky I have adult children and grandchildren to occupy me. I also had bouts of depression though. I crocheted blankets for gifts, read books, and started a writing a book ( not even close to being a book yet). You need to find hobbies. Painting, reading, puzzles etc. I hope this helps you. I know it is difficult and I always say a prayer when I realize the emotions I was and am having such as depression, happiness and everything in between, I pray and thank God that I am alive to have these emotions, without the transplant I would not be here. I am sure you understand this way of thinking. I do not work because I have no immunizations yet and I am a nurse. I hope to hear from you again, please keep in touch. WVgirl2424

      over 9 years ago
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    Has anyone dealt with mucus in the throat from chemo or radiation?

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      my husband had that while still in the hospital, it was actually burned like his skin was from the radiation, it was really bad for days and finally he was using that suction device attached to the wall & honestly the entire lining if his throat came out, like a big slimey loogie, and then he felt great, he was sucking on clotrimizole 10 mg 3x a day, bioteen mathwash very often, and then there is a regemine of swish & spit & then swish & swallow med that helped a lot, I think just kinda numbing it so you dont GAG, it gets better~!~

      over 9 years ago
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      I had radiation to my throat, the only help I got was to use mucinex. It really does thin it out.
      Good luck.

      over 8 years ago
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      John...I understand....and sometimes the hacking and illness is bad....but if you're cancer free it's all worth it! It will get better, eventually but your body takes a lot of time to heal...just don't try to push it. I'm laughing here cause I remember how frustrated I was saying "how bad it is etc ..." just like you and today 4 years (yes I said 4 years it really isn't that long for a better life) I look back and see how much better it really is. I had small goals like eating a big mac...then maybe a s teak.....and now it's pepperoni...still cant do spicy too well...I used a netti pot for the nose...that helped loads with the mucus...and Al Koal...and a Oral Jel mouth wash....when I sucked candies I choked and coughed.... so I learned to drink water too.... eating did get loads better today... I can now go out and eat in public certain things somethings such as steak I still reserve for eating home.... I was very damaged from radiation still have many many scars.....and I'm tired...but every day I grow stronger. I think John the secret is try and see your improvements not what you call your loss...Oh yes, my hearing too is not the best, but it comes and goes so i just try harder....They call this the "new normal" for us survivors but I believe with positive outlook and constant reminder of where I was (near death) when cancer found me....I am A OK....today...and you will be too....good luck to you... Jan

      about 5 years ago