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    Welcome to WhatNext. Yes, you will find so many questions answered here. I have MBC. There isn't any support at my cancer center for MBC. The issues are different. I also became more knowledgeable about MBC. This site will help you be a better caregiver. I know that what I've learned has made my spouse's life easier. We're here for you, just ask.

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    Welcome Chayo. This is the place to ask questions and vent if you need to. Many of us are also metastatic. We are here to help you.

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    Welcome to the WhatNext network! We are happy you found us but sorry for your reason to be here. There are a great bunch of people here that are willing to coach you through your issues that will come up. It's good to know that other people have been through exactly what you are facing now and have gone on to a good life afterward.

    If you have an issue you need help with, just post it on the questions page, someone will see it and add their own personal experiences to help you.

    If you see a question posted that you have experience with please at your answer to that question. We all have issues we need help with, you might have the answer someone needs.

    We wish you the best and if you have any questions about the website or how to post something drop us an email at contactus @ whatnext . com and someone will help you out.

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