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    chelle51 asked a questionBreast Cancer

    what percentage of patients experience a recurrence of the cancer

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      I can't help but thinking about reoccurrence. How do you not think about it? I went in yesterday for my CT scan & Dexa Scan and now I am freaking out having melt downs waiting for my results. My oncologist appt isn't until Tuesday. I am eating healthier and I excercise but not sure it is enough to keep the Cancer from coming back. I am also taking my tamoxfen daily but it makes me feel absolutely missable. I read an article in my local paper about a dr at John Hopkins that talked about a blood test called GP88 that will tell if you will have a reoccurance. Anyone know about GP88? I want to ask my oncologist if I can have the test done. It sounded like it was still in clinical trial though. I had genetic testing done and it came back inconclusive. I just want some answers. I guess I still have a lot of anger since being diagnosed with breast cancer and not being able to get any answer

      almost 7 years ago
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      Hey Tin.....What you're experiencing is NORMAL....how can it not.
      BUT.....Hopefully you are doing ALL you can and what else can we do.
      Make sure you are going Plant Foods and Supplements to augment your medical treatments.
      We need to do it ALL....and NOT JUST TRY...we need to DO IT. Just MY OPINION.....and I know it's hard BUT So is Chemo.

      almost 7 years ago
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      Tina you deserve all the answers to your question. You should do alot of reasearch. Print it out and take it to your oncologist. While you are researching don't forget to look into the $$$. I tricked my oncologist into doing a lot of research himself. By saying aren't there some Grants out there to study this cancer. The very next visit he told me about all the research that was out there. Too bad for him, he can't find any cancer in my body ha ha ha :)
      Here's a link to get you started :)

      almost 7 years ago
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