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    I'm just doing some personal research about colon cancer for my school assignment. You can remain anonymous if you wish. All I require is some answers to a few questions please.

    1) Did you have any symptoms with the precancerous polyp or early stages of cancer? If so, what kinds of symptoms?

    2) How long did it take for the colon polyp to grow into a cancer?

    3) Approximately what was the time it took for the cancer to progress to each of the different stages (ie. stage 1, 2, 3 etc, if applicable). If you yourself or know of anyone else who has had an approximate 1.5 cm (or other size small tumor, please specify) to 10 cm tumor growth (or other size large tumor, please specify), how long did it take to progress from a small tumor to a large tumor?

    I appreciate your reply.

    Wishing you all the best for your health,

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    Spread to adrenal gland

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      Check out an extract of wild cumin seed called "Black Seed Oil". Buy the stuff from Egypt or Saudi because that stuff is wildcrafted. The crapola from India or China is cultivated and does not pack the same punch. The oil is peer reviewed and shrinks tumors. It is strong stuff. One tablespoon per day is plenty.

      Eat freshly. Dont buy boxes or cans. Make at least one meal per day of fresh and uncooked plant food.

      Get some exercise as you are able. Stretch your capabilities. Make sure the air quality in your home and surroundings is good.

      Dont let bummer ideas control your life. If your current doc doesnt know what to do or wants to repeat now that you have been rinsed, so to speak, find a doctor with new ideas.

      Look around for stories of folks who are alive despite and follow their example as you are able.

      Stick around. Get comfy. Dig in for a spell.

      Best wishes

      3 months ago
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      I will be 5 years from diagnosis in Nov. I've had a few different chemo cocktails. Mine is in lungs, lymph nodes, adrenal glands and things are staying fairly stable. The only new thing is a shadow on spleen, but that might be nothing. My CEA has been bouncing around a little above normal, but none of my docs or nurses seem too worried. Try not to worry. Keep fighting.

      My side effects are starting to get a little tough so he just reduced the dose of one of my chemo drugs (which I hate because I figure I can handle anything as long as they're doing their job. Lol) My doctor told me that his job is to keep me alive, my job is to fight. You do the same. By the way, I am on Stivarga pills and Herceptin infusions. They did genetic testing on the tumor and found HER2 in it, hence the Herceptin which is normally a breast cancer drug. I know any spreading is upsetting, but please try and hang in there. I will also tell you that the adrenal tumors themselves have not caused any additional pain or issues, so I hope that is the same for you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

      3 months ago
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      I was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago. With mets t my liver and one adrenal glanD . 18 months ago had 75% of my liver and one adrenal gland removed. Surgeon said he got everything he could find. A month later it popped up on the remaining adrenal gland. I see an endroconologist now for that. Only real symptom is fatigue. Of course we have fatigue all the time anyway right?. He has prescribed a low dose of hydrocortisone and it seems to help. Keep fighting! My cea is slowly rising but scans are stable and the only option left will be to find a clinical trial. But I refuse to give up! L love my husband and family and I'm not going anywhere!

      3 months ago
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