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    Celebration: I am nearly 2 years post-op and I have not had a recurrence. I have amazed my surgeon, but not my oncologist! I live as he advises--like it's never coming back. Attitude is so much!

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    Hi. I'm in Houston. Tell me what's happening, if you like.

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    Hi. What's happening? I was surprised you were receiving chemo & radiation, as my docs said kidney cancer responds to the immune therapies, and not the normal stuff. I was Stage III with a nasty biopsy, but I've had my tumor genetically mapped so I'll know what to use in the eventuality that I need something. Let me know how you are.

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      Hello CJanke55. I was never prescribed chemo or radiation. Rather, I have been taking a IV weekly of what is called "targeted Torisel" since February, 3014, Getting a MRI of head in two days and CT scan on torso on 5/3. Also had a rod installed in my femure (no bone cancer there) and idditional rod in my pelvis that was fractured twice but has completely healed.

      over 7 years ago
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    How are you?

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    Question: kidney cancer

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