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    Oh No (Cancer has spread/Metastasized): wife has been diagnosed with lung cancer, rapid growth, 4th stage. She has had a petscan and they know where they are located with the limpnodes, etc. She will be scheduled to start chemo the 1st week of May. As a husband I am very apprehensive about the future for me and my wife. I understand about probable hearing loss, possibly some vision concerns, balance issues, pain, loss of appetite. Please send me ---experienced people, who have gone through therapy to help us understand better the issues ahead of us and how we can better prepare.

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      I'd like to suggest that you reach out and/or look through the journeys of other lung cancer fighters. If you look at the middle of the right column of this page, you should see a section that say "Find Peers." Click on that. These are the people who most closely share your specific situation. Also, you can click on "people" in the blue bar above. Then on the left you can use the search filters if you want to search by age or other markers. Please let us know if you have any questions.

      about 10 years ago
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