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    Oh No (Relationship issues): My father was diagnosed with stage III squamous cell esophageal cancer on March 28th of this year. My husband and I separated on February 18th so I am right in the middle of a divorce and trying to be there for my parents too. I wish I could understand why both of these crises are happening at the same time.

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      We live in a very complicated world things never happen in a vacumn. Your father has several good things going for him 1) His cancer is only stage III (therefore curable) He is male, men have a greater survival rate for men is greater than women.
      Now I will share my latest experience. My pipes froze and broke the ceiling in my apartment fell and hit me injuring my wrist and I breathed a lung full of plaster dust. I went to stay with my brother while repaires were made to my appartment. I went to stay with my brother. I developed pneumonia from the plaster dust. My nephew (brother's son) went to the CCU. I began to hemorage. So I had a series of tests which revealed I had Uterine cancer (I had esophageal cancer 2 1/2 years ago) Chest X-rays revealed that I had a blood clot in my lung. My sister-in-law was amitted to the hospital with Septic Shock. I was admitted to the hospital to take care of the blood clot and a hysterectomy. The pathology revealed that not only did I have Uterine cancer but that the esophageal cancer had metastasized to my overies. We have all survived. My apartment is repaired. Everyone is home from the hospital. At this time I am dealing with only two kinds of cancer and a blood clot.
      I can see you are a caring daughter you will find that both you and your father will find strenghts you never thought possible

      about 9 years ago
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