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    Hello clanndaeld. How are you doing?

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    clanndaeid asked a questionLung Cancer

    Has anyone used Tapping(EFT)?

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      Yup - I did it, and I was super skeptical beforehand. I mean - it sounds so freaking cheesy. Tap on yourself in this pattern of tapping while saying statements like - I completely accept and love myself even with this anxiety or whatever...

      It was offered to me through our local health crisis center. I was experiencing so much anxiety around a recurrence that I found myself kind of miserable... fighting with myself in trying to keep my mind on other things... successful when busy... unsuccessful whenever a break in the day would come... poor sleep... etc...

      So, I did it. I was skeptical, and I almost cancelled it several times. But, the one thing that is certain with EFT is that it CANNOT MAKE YOU WORSE.... In other words, there's absolutely nothing to lose, and it was a nice bike ride away, so I figured I'd at least get a nice bike ride out of the experience.

      So, I went. And it was amazing.
      Afterwards, I got back on my bike, and ... I felt completely different but not at all different at the same time. I felt like this huge squeeze had been released from around my heart. Sure, I still think about cancer... and risk of recurrence... and what that would do to my family... but now, it's manageable. I can handle it. The anxiety has backed off. And, one goal of the session was to teach me how to do it by myself when I needed it.

      It was INTENSE - I was bawling within minutes of starting... but part of EFT is directly facing the issue - for me, that was fear of recurrence and some pretty hard core guilt about how my treatment affected our family...

      So, at the end of the day, I'm a total skeptic. I don't understand why it worked. But, I'm cool with that because... it worked. I'm BETTER. My mental state is better. I am GRATEFUL for that one hour of time back last spring. I'm thinking about doing it again, actually... A refresher....

      Hope that helps.

      over 3 years ago
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    Other Care (CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine)): Acupuncture and Chinese herbs, nutrition counseling, tapping(EFT),

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    Procedure or Surgery

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    Side Effects (Skin changes): Scalp tenderness from radiation, itchy, scaly rash scalp and face from Tarceva