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    This is my first post, guess it may be a little long but i hope it helps someone out there. its a way i have found to help combat thrush which became my nemesis about a month ago. so here goes :)

    Things to eat when on steroids and in treatment and have thrush:

    Brown rice

    Fresh / stir fry / roasted vegetables - sparing on carrots, yams bc of sugar, no beets.

    Best veggies to eat:
    Brussels sprouts
    Bell peppers
    Squash / zucchini
    Peas and beans
    Lettuces anything green and leafy
    Tomatoes good bc acid counteracts sugar.

    Salads good but watch out for the sugar content in the dressing bc the serving sizes are so small.

    Have to stay away from all dairy, fruit, sugar

    Other meals and snacks:
    Black beans and brown rice
    Pasta and veggies in a homemade red sauce or olive oil and seasonings
    Black eyed peas and brown rice
    Retried beans
    Celery and peanut butter
    Fresh veggies and no sugar salad dressing
    Peanut butter and sugar free jelly sandwiches
    Tuna steaks, salmon, shrimp, fish
    Hummus but look at the ingredients for additives.
    Eggs are great!
    Use olive oil or earth balance to cook with.

    Unsweetened almond milk ( works for me but may not for everyone.)
    Coffee with non dairy creamer
    Unsweetened tea, regular or herbal
    This is just what I drink, I guess you could drink any sugar free stuff you wanted though, not sure.

    Breads and Pasta:
    Whole wheat pasta
    Whole wheat pita, bread, tortillas work for me. Ezekiel bread might, haven't tried it yet.
    Non gluten grains, millet, rice, oat and rice bran are supposed to be ok, haven't tried them because haven't been to health food store and I think they could be more expensive.

    This one is hard because I can eat edamame and tofu but cannot drink soy milk without it hurting my mouth. I am sure it is because of other additives in the soy milk.

    Eco - Dent mouthwash works great, I dilute it but up to you. Ordering it online is much cheaper than picking it up at a store. Depends on whether or not you want to try before you buy.

    Restaurants to eat out :
    One Fresh
    Asian if you ask about sauces and order the right things.
    Sushi - all sushi calls for sweetened vinegar in the sushi rice recipe so go sparingly.

    With this diet I have found I can use the Nystatin about half as often. The diet is not going to keep you from having thrush. Since the Rx is pretty expensive that has saved quite a bit. The food is not cheap but it is healthy and it makes me feel great. I am a pescatarian but the amount of vitamins and protein seems like it is boosting my immune system since I can say I am healing at a very rapid rate. Hope this helps someone else out there maybe at least in the amount of time it takes to figure it out.

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    Celebration (Cancer is shrinking): Treatment is working, walking some with a cane now. I am in OT and PT. leg is coming back much faster than the arm but progress there too.

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      Congratulations my friend....great to hear things are going well! I pray continued healing and comfort for you and your family.

      over 6 years ago
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      So nice to hear good news!!!
      Bless you!

      over 6 years ago
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    Radiation (External radiation ): Radiation every day for 7 weeks, halfway through!

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    Drug or Chemo Therapy (Chemotherapy): I take a chemo pill everyday that has minimal side effects. Every two weeks I get an infusion.

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    Procedure or Surgery (MRI and biopsy): After the biopsy and radiation started there was swelling and my left side became paralyzed.

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    Oh No (Weakness on left side.)