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      No I have not. But I do hear that it works well.

      6 days ago
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      I was on 75 mg for 5 years along with Faslodex. It was very easy for me and I just had low white counts and was tired. Other than that, easy peasy. I was on an unusual schedule to keep the white count high enough- 5 days on 2 days off, for the 21 days, with 7 days off. It worked well for a long time! It was my 1st line and I am just now moving to my second line of treatment.

      5 days ago
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    Question: Ibrance

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    Radiation (External radiation )

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    Hi CBarwick,
    I to am stage 4, diagnoised in October 2014.
    How are you doing ? Does the road get easier ? I had breast cancer that metastisised to my liver...have 4 more radiation treatments to my liver. I've had 28 rounds of chemo and 35 rounds of radiation to the chest.
    How has your treatment gone ?
    Nice to have you here on What next.

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    Stay with the fight Molly. Stay positive and enjoy each day. Noone is promised tomorrow, healthy or not.
    God bless you in your journey:)
    I too have stage 4 cancer that has spread to my liver and all I can do is keep living !!!!

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    Procedure or Surgery (RFA on my liver lesion): Had a uni lateral mastectomy on 4/30/15 had to have a second surgery to repair the stitching and take out more muscle on May 11th. Once was bad enough !!

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      Boy, doesn't seem fair that you had to go through another surgery. Once is bad enough. Hang in there and hugs to you.

      about 5 years ago