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    My boyfriends father was told on Aug. 15th that he is in stage 3. He has one kidney and has gone into kidney failure twice. He was released from the hospital this last sat and the doctors have sat us up with Hospice. On the 2nd of this month we had his first visit with Hospice and he was so out of it. Could barely walk or talk. The nurse had him admitted into Hospice. It took us 10 min. to get him out to the truck. Once at the center he fell right to sleep. My boyfriend and I left to go run some arrands. We were gone for about two hours. When we returned his dad was up walking around, talking and even telling everyone he was hungry. It was like day and night. Today we went to see him and his head seems clear. He talks as if he is cured. The nurse told us its like a rollercoaster ride. We are so confused about this day and night thing. Is it normal and what does it mean?

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      Hi Confused, thanks for registering and posting your question. Please copy and post this in the "questions" tab, and everyone will see it and you will get the answers and support you need. Thanks for being here. Let us know if you need help navigating the site.

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      Hello, and welcome to Whatnext. My dad has pancreatic cancer. I think you'll find that the rollercoaster ride is normal. Dad goes through periods where he feels like absolutely nothing is wrong, and walks better than I do. Other times, I have had to hold onto his belt and take frequent breaks. Best wishes to you, your boyfriend and his father.

      over 8 years ago
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