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    Hey guys, So I finished my treatments on the 9th of September. I’ve had chemo, a mastectomy and 30 treatments of radiation.

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      Congratulations on finishing! It took me a good year after everything was over to feel normal again. Give yourself time to heal.

      about 20 hours ago
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      Coopswifey, it’s good to hear from you. Congratulations on finishing treatment! Good for you - you did it. I did not have the same treatment that you did but I think all of us just need time and to be gentle with ourselves.

      about 8 hours ago
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      You can be thankful AND complain, especially here! We go through a lot. We can squawk if we want to. (Isn’t that a song somewhere?!)

      3 minutes ago
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    Welcome Taleasha.
    Being newly diagnosed can be scary but we are all here to help you though this

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    Coopswifey, I hope you are feeling better and waking up feeling blessed to have such good medical treatment for your cancer. If not, your doctor needs to know immediately. There are things he/she can do for you, such as medicine and/or a counselor for cancer patients to talk about things. If you are still crying every day, please let your doctor know. God bless you. Remember this is all temporary and things will get better. Best wishes.

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    Hi everyone. I just learned after my mastectomy that I will be doing radiation soon. The doctor wants to wait a week or so, so that my incision is completely healed. They want to do 30 treatments, everyday Monday thru Friday for 6 weeks to make sure they get all the bad cells that might be still lingering.. it sounds so extreme, but it’s what I have to do. I have reached out to a couple of breast cancer organizations for help with my co-pays and traveling expenses and no one has called me or wrote me back. I am beginning to think they are not all they say they are when it comes to helping people.

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    Hi! I’m glad your surgery is over. Now you can heal, physically and emotionally. I know this’ll take time. I can’t say anything better than what beachbum and Kp said, but I’ll add that we’re here for you. Sending hugs and best wishes, and when you feel like it please keep us posted.