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    Why the CrazyCatMan is a CrazyCatMan:

    Maybe it's weird that I talk about my dad by his nickname, the Crazy Cat Man. I don't know. What I do know is that this guy LOVES his cats!

    Originally there was one, Delilah. I was in high school when the parents sneaked her into our no pets apartment. She was originally my mom's cat, I think, but Delilah is now my dad's pride and joy. A couple years later, I brought home a cat, Harmony. Originally Harmony slept on my face and was my best pal, but now she hardly cares that I'm alive and sleeps on my dad's face instead. The cats do everything with my dad: read books, watch the History Channel, and debate about the stories on the news. Seriously, I think he loves the cats more than he loves most people.

    But it doesn't stop there.

    When we lived in the apartment, my mom used to get so irritated because my dad would feed all the stray cats. At any given moment, there could be 10 or 12 cats on our patio... and you know what? He named ALL those cats. They had gross names too, like Flea Farm, Infectious Rash, Pus Pocket, One Eyed XXX (she was constantly pregnant), Foot, Scapula, and Creepy. Even if we hardly had groceries in the house, he always was sure to put out some milk, cut up hot dogs, or chicken scraps out on the patio so Infectious Rash and his posse could eat.

    Now, I think it's our cats that help my dad the most when he's at home. Delilah, as much as she irritates the heck outta me, rarely leaves my dad's side no matter how he's feeling. I think that's incredible. What human out there can be that loyal?


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    I've been away from the site for a few days since I've been so busy with finals at school, but here are a few updates on my dad, the CatMan.

    The follow up appointment at USC today went well. The doctor stuck a scope down CatMan's throat and checked things out as well as went over some other test results. The tumor has shrunk a little since he's had radiation and chemo and nothing appears to have spread. He is a perfect candidate for surgery so all is a go for the 29th of this month.

    There are some risks of course. He had a triple bypass last August so there is some concern about how his heart will handle the surgery. The doctor said it wasn't TOO big a thing to worry about, not a high risk but more like a medium risk.

    CatMan picked up the papers for medical power of attorney should the worst happen. My mom, of course, is number one on those papers. I was supposed to be listed second and his sister third. My dad wants me to sign the papers and my mom erased my name off it without telling him. My mom says that since I'm 21, she doesn't want me to bear the responsibility of potentially making decisions if it ever came down to an issue of life support and whatnot.

    While it's not likely that my mom or my aunt would both be simultaneously incapacitated and incapable of calling the shots, thus leaving the responsibility solely to me, I'm not sure how I feel about being axed out of this. Of course any decision I potentially make would be based on the CatMan's wishes, not my own. It would probably be the same call my mom or aunt would make should that kind of situation arise.

    Maybe I feel burned a little, but maybe this is something I should let the parents work out among themselves?

    ~Becky, spawn of the CatMan

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    The CatMan's surgery is tentatively scheduled for the 29th of this month at USC medical center!
    Please send us your prayers, positive energy, happy thoughts and warm fuzzies!
    Send your voodoo magic, witches' spells, or freaky ancient rituals... whatever! We'll take it!
    ~Becky, daughter of CatMan

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    I wasn't gonna talk about it, but what the heck, I'm sure everyone here has had the same worries at one point or another during the cancer journey.

    We just wrapped up Relay for Life here in Bakersfield, CA, which is the biggest Relay in the nation. Here in Bakersfield, Relay is THE event of the year. Everyone talks about it, everyone from little kids to old people fund raise for it and volunteer. High schools, the college, girl scouts, boy scouts, virtually every business and medical practice under the Bakersfield sun, and families of all shapes and sizes participate. The past few years the event has had to be moved to bigger and bigger sites just to accommodate the huge number of people who rally out there every year. This year's count was 400 teams and 2500 survivors! Amazing, right?!

    Anywho, that being said, as many times as I've watched that huge 1000+ mob of people in purple shirts walk the survivor lap and release the tiny butterflies out of paper boxes all at the same time, this was the first year that it was very emotional for me. I stood on the sidelines waiting for my partner, a breast cancer survivor, to come around, and while I was waiting, I couldn't help but break down in tears.

    My dad wasn't strong enough to go out to Relay this year, but I got him a purple shirt even though he hasn't technically survived yet. I see how weak he is and think about how complicated the surgery is and how difficult the recovery will likely be, and I wish with all my heart that next year he can be a part of that big purple mob, and all those people on the sidelines can clap and cheer and high five HIM, that he can release the little butterfly out of the box and the whole nine yards.

    We try to take it one day at a time at my house. Sure I still worry about the possibility of him taking the big dirt nap... who will I play chess with if he's not here? Who will proofread my writing? Who will help me with my history homework? Who else will I swap Stephen King novels with? Who will make politically incorrect and offensive commentary about the teen moms in the grocery store? Who else in our family will be as sane and level headed as he is in times of crisis? Who will I crack inappropriate, sarcastic jokes with while my mom and aunt overreact to said hypothetical times of crisis? Who will I run away to Tombstone, AZ, with every summer if he's not here?

    I just know that whatever the outcome is, next Relay there WILL be a Crazy Cat Man team, even my mom and I are the only ones on it.

    ~Becky, spawn of the Cat Man

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    When the CatMan can finally eat again and is healthy enough to stomach a giant buffet (or a "feed trough" as he has always called it), he says he wants to go to Golden Corral. I don't know if they have one where all you guys live, but we just got one in Bakersfield and it is AMAZING! I mean, they have a chocolate fountain, plus a person whose only job is to stand by the chocolate fountain to make sure no little kids stick their boogery hands in it. And at this buffet, they make you steak cooked to order. Actually, as many steaks as you want because it's all you can eat.
    Before the cancer, we used to call my dad "The Garbage Disposal" because, well, he could eat anything and was known for chowing down on our leftovers, loved buffets, and was known to pick ALL the meat off the chicken bones (even ours after we were done, and then chastise us for wasting food)... and ironically, he never was overweight. Seriously, I'm 21 and even I don't have that kind of metabolism.
    So when he's well enough, I'm taking the old guy to a buffet. And then we're gonna go to Dewars for a black and white! I hope that day is soon!

    ~Becky, The Only Spawn of CatMan