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    Decision Point (My father has prostate cancer, but he won't tell me anything about it.): My Mom called me last night (11/07/2012) and told me my father had been diagnosed with prostate cancer in July 2012. He goes in for surgery tomorrow, 11/09/2012. Other than assuming it's still localized and they are using a robot to cut out the cancer, I don't know anything else other than my Mom talked about Cialis. I was really angry to have her talk about their sex life with me last night, and now I can't decide whether to stay angry or be worried because they left out some other serious details. If they can cut it out during a couple hour operation using a robot with a weekend stay in the hospital, how serious is it?

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      Hi Dale, that's an Awkward subject with the parent's for sure. I noticed you listed this in your experiences list, while it certainly is an experience, you will get lots more response if you will post it again in the questions tab. That's where the questions are seen by the most people.
      Thanks for being here and posting.

      Greg P

      over 8 years ago
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