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    Hello Liju, I am Chelsea and my boyfriend and I live in Austin. He was diagnosed one month ago at 29 and in stage 4. This disease is very curable I have read, so good luck and keep me posted. It was nice meeting you.

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      hi chelsea, i havent got to get on because i just had surgery but yes it has a very good prognosis. I was also at stage 4 the first time i was diagnosed and i barely had any symptoms. Did he start treatment? I think i Did ABVD chemo the first time, is that what he will be doing? All the best to him and i will be keeping him in my prayers!

      over 9 years ago
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    Drug or Chemo Therapy (Chemotherapy): Went through our first chemo 2 weeks ago and Johnny is not feeling very many side effects except mild chest pain and slight headaches. Afterwards there was a lot of sleeping and he could not eat or go to the bathroom for a few days. Although with the help of some medicine to stimulate his appetite and decrease the nausea he has actually gained 5 pounds!!!

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    Hello, has anyone ever had to go to the hospital for their first injection of chemotherapy?

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      I am being treat Columbia Presbyterian Hospital which has an out patient chemotherapy infusion center. Many hospitals do. They also administer follow up injections, blood work, etc. If you live near the hospital it can as convenient if not more so then being treated somewhere else. No matter what you are being treated for the first one or two infusions have much more cautious protocol, this is because they want to make sure that you are tolerating the treatment. I know my first infusion the drip was set for twice as long as normal, and they waited about 10 min between starting new drugs - 3 pre-treatment drugs -anti nausea, steroids, and benadryl, and two specific chemo drugs.

      over 9 years ago
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      When I was diagnosed, my oncologist wanted to check me in for a hospital stay that very day. He wanted them to get all of the initial tests and procedures done right away, and would have meant in a three day span, I would have had:

      1. Bone marrow biopsy
      2. Lumbar puncture
      3. PET Scan
      4. Port placement
      5. First chemo round

      It was all too much for me, so I opted to go back home. The doctor said okay.. and in the next week I had all of the procedures done on short stay basis at the hospital. No overnight stays.

      In my case, the cancer was aggressive and he wanted to start right away. In your case, I'm not sure why he would recommend it. I guess there could be many factors like your general condition or therapy they're going to use.

      In retrospect, I think I would have enjoyed having my own room for chemo, but I don't think they would keep it that way anyways. I'm sure someone at my insurance company is pulling their hair out over my file as it is.

      over 9 years ago
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      I had to stay in the hospital for my first treatment just to see how if react and so if something was wrong I could get help quickly because I live an hour from the hospital

      over 9 years ago
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    Procedure or Surgery (Implant chemotherapy port): Hello, I am Chelsea, Johnny's girlfriend. I will be telling and sharing experiences for him. He had the port put in yesteday and unfortunately, the port had to be put in a higher location than normal due to his veins being swollen. The cancer is all over his neck and chest and we are still waiting to find out if it is in his brain and bones. Today he was contacted because they are started chemotherapy immediately.

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