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    Procedure or Surgery (Lobectomy): Lobectomy Nov. 2010, six weeks later a wedge was performed on the other lung.Both surgeries went well, the recovery from the first surgery went well. The DR. informed me the recovery on the second surgery would be harder and he was correct.On the second surgery i had to keep the chesttube in for an additional two weeks,so this slowed the recovery.Six weeks later I started chemo and finished up 4 months later.You can get thru this, I try and live like each day is my last. Fight aqs hard as you can,don't gice up, keep active as possibly as you can, volunteer and serve others. I allowed myself 10 minutes of selfpitty,then got myself into gear and started the fight.God was and is my refuge,my strength,and comforter.God Bless, now start fighting.