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    First day of internal radiation..had my bladder filled and emptied 3 times. The time in treatment lasted longer than the hysterectomy!

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    She looked at me a second, then burst out laughing. This is the third time playing cancer whack a mole. 4yrs ago I had a lumpectomy on the right breast, took 17 lymph nodes chemo and radiation. 2yrs ago, !t left breast decided it wanted attention so I got a mastectomy..so Jan i started bleeding. Got a dr who was surprised when I told him the last pap smear was 27 yrs ago. Bingo.

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    Dayle asked a questionEndometrial (Uterine) Cancer

    How many have survived cancer more than once?

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      I have had an aggressive T-Cell Lymphoma three times (PTCL-NOS), another aggressive T-Cell Lymphoma once (AITL), and Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS, precursor to leukemia) once or twice, depending on how you count it. Three years ago this month, I had all three simultaneously. Also had a transplant and have had no sign of either lymphoma for three years. The MDS tried to come back, but my new immune system whacked it.

      2 months ago
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      @po18guy ... WOW!!! Your immune system rocks!

      2 months ago
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      I sincerely want to thank you all for your kind words. I begin radiation next week. I would have never had the strength to get through this has it not been for your support. You all are amazing survivors!

      about 1 month ago
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    Thank you so very much for your answer! I've been so frightened that I haven't been thinking straight.

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    Thank you!! I don't see the dr for another week and I've been severely depressed. I got day Vinci surgery and was super glued together. Hugs to you dear lady. You have eased my heart.