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    Hi wanda?

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    I am in radiation therapy diagnosed 2 months ago had chemo 3xs did u smoke and did u quit? cuz i didnt and im not feeling any better. i have pnumonia and geting worse. i know smokings not helping but r u going through similar problems?

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    debeedo asked a questionLung Cancer

    My mom is 63 lung cancer chemo thererapy 2x been in radiation therapy every day for 2weeks? how do i get her to stop smoking?

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      With my mother, she had a heart attack, dad found her on the porch almost dead, she quit cold turkey in the hospital. After she came home I was worried she would want to start again, never did. She died about 4 years later from lung cancer. My mother in law has smoked most of her life like mom did, she has been in the hospital for as much as a month, had every opportunity to quit, as soon as she got out she claimed she was a nervous wreck and just had to smoke or was going to go crazy. I think it's either in their mind the ability to quit, or not, will power I guess. I wish I could get the in law to quit, but I don't think she ever will. She was close with my mom and seen her die from lung cancer, makes no difference, she just says it was something else that caused it.
      Best of luck to you in getting her to quit.

      over 10 years ago
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      Consider asking her whether she'd consider one of the help-quit meds like wellbutrin. I don't know if she'd be able to take that drug during her treatment... but if she could, she might find it a lot easier to at least smoke less.

      I agree with what was said above. As hard as it is, this is one thing that SHE has control over. Well, not exactly, because the drive to smoke is pretty strong... and can be very very hard to resist when under tremendous stress.

      Dunno if you can do this... but hold back judgement... and just talk to her. How does she feel about smoking? Does she want to change her smoking status? If you can, be accepting and just listen to what she has to say. Unless she asks your opinion, don't offer it up....

      This is hard... good luck.

      over 10 years ago
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      Hi Debeedo,

      Has your mother's physician(s) weighed in on this? Her doctors should be taking a much more active role in helping you, help her, to quit smoking. There are many different options (many of which are free through state tobacco programs and other tobacco cessation organizations, like our own www.powrcessationcenter.org). Knowing your full range of options is the best way to see what works for your mother, and what doesn't. Your doctor should have advised a tobacco cessation plan prior to diagnosis and treatment.

      Here are some options to consider:

      Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)- these include nicotine patches, lozenges, sprays, etc. that deliver lower levels of nicotine; non-nicotine prescription medication- your doctor can prescribe these; behavioral support/counseling from a certified therapist; call your state quit line toll-free or look them up online- they offer immediate support for quitters; contact your local tobacco cessation center (many are funded by the American Lung Association- they can send an outreach specialist to visit you, and work directly with your physician to implement a plan); search for quit classes and support groups in your area

      about 10 years ago
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    thank you cancer free. Can u tell me about the blucig. how it works?

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      over 10 years ago
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    i am interested in asking you why when i go to my treatment every body i see is doing so good and look good. But why do i feel realy bad. after 1-week of radiation treatment? im 63 female i thought it was cuz im old but u been 70 is it?