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    My DX Stage 2 muscle invasive urothelial CA in 2012. I would strongly recommend chemo first before you have surgery, The theory is it will reduce your chances of having CA spread after the surgery. I had 3 mos of Gemzar/ Cisplatin. It was recommended I have RC after chemo. However my BX were negative, so I declined. I had 6 TXs of full dose BCG x3 as prophylactic TX in 2013 and 2014. Just had cytology, FISH and PET scan this month and all were negative. My surgeon did not recommend neobladder for a woman, said younger male patients did better with that. I was considering an Indiana pouch and know several women that have had that surgery robotically and are very happy with it. So you may want to consider that option. Wish you all the best.

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    I was diagnosed at the same age. Had tumor removed and went through three months of chemo. Do you have questions concerning chemo, surgery? Be happy to answer any questions about my experience.

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    I was diagnosed with invasive bladder CA in 2012. Had chemo, maintenance treatments, etc. I go next month for a cysto and will have a PET scan. I try to focus on how blessed I am to still be here and the good things in life. I will have to be monitored for years, so try to take my doctor's advice, "Go home and enjoy your life!" Not always easy. Wishing you good results on your biopsy!

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      Everything was good with the biopsy.No cancer. I had cervical cancer late 2010, lots of internal & external radiation and chemo. What I'm going thru now is just long term side effects from the radiation. I can handle that. I'm going to just relax. Every day is a blessing. Rain or shine.

      about 3 years ago
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    Glad you found this site, but sorry for the reason. I was diagnosed stage II in 2012 and had 3 months of chemo. if you have any questions about chemo, etc will be happy to share my experience. Wish you the best on your journey.

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    Sorry about your DX, but glad you found the site. I would be happy to answer any questions, as I have been there, done that! DX Nov. 2012. Hope all goes well with your TXs.